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Tab order - TabMix Plus replacement?

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Hello. I used FF with Tab Mix Plus addon for years, but now WebExtension limited most features. One feature I very liked in Tab Mix Plus was changed tab open and close order. For example: 1. I open google site (on first tab - parent) and mouse click with Ctrl a few links. Several unread tabs open, one by one (e.g. 2 to 5 - childs). 2. I switch to the third tab. I read content. When I close this tab, Firefox should switch me to first tab again (with google site list in this example) - just to the parent tab again. Instead, without TabMix, Firefox switches to the nearest tab on the right, so I must manually switch to first tab. This is very annoying to me.

In other words - FF upon close one tab, should switch to last visited tab - not nearest tab on the right.

Is there any solution for this?


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Hi, maybe you could try this other addon: TAB MANAGER PLUS

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Hi, a tried Tab Manager Plus - unfortunately, this addon don`t have option to make switch to last visited tab after close active tab. FF still switches to nearest on the right. But thanks, I will still look for another solution.