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How to allow a specific third party cookie on one website?

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I website I subscribe to uses a third party company to manage logins, and I am logged out every time I leave the website because I do not have third party cookies available. How do I go about allowing cookies for one third party website on one specific site?

For example, I subscribe and need to log in to abc.com. That website uses xzy.com to manage their logins. I need to enable cookies for xyz.com only for abc.com.

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They have to provide it for the Browser to register the cookie if they don't make it available then the Browser will not have it.

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The website provides the cookie when I visit it, but I don't want to allow cookies for that entire website everywhere. I want to allow one cookie only on that website, not any website.

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You can create a cookie allow exception for each involved domain to keep cookies for specific third-party domains. You need to include the proper protocol (http:// or https://) when you create the exception.

  • Options/Preferences -> Privacy & Security
    Cookies and Site Data -> Exceptions

In case you use "Clear history when Firefox closes" or otherwise clear history.

  • do not clear the Cookies
  • do not clear the Site Preferences
  • clearing "Site Preferences" clears exceptions for cookies, images, pop-up windows, and software installation and exception for password and other website specific data
  • clearing "Cookies" will remove all selected cookies including cookies with an "Allow" exception you may want to keep
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I can see the option to create an exception, but I only want that exception for one specific domain. I don't see how I can create that. For example, I would want Twitter to be able to use cookies on its site so that I don't have to log in every time, but I don't want Twitter to have cookies anywhere else.

Where is the option to specify the domain that an exception is applicable to?

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For what Twitter domain(s) would you require this cookie exception?

If this is for a specific Twitter sub domain then it not very likely that this sub domain is used outside Twitter.

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Twitter was probably not the best example I could use. I subscribe to a local news site that uses a third party to manage their log ins and accounts. I only want that third party to be able to use cookies on that local news site, as I'd rather not give blanket access.

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You would still have to decide if you want to create an allow exception and have the website remember you.