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Why can't we have Favicon Reloader in latest FF version, which looked like it would help my new problem of missing favicons (which had worked for years)?

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This pertains to my favorites list. The article, "Some of my bookmark favicons disappeared and were replaced by ones that show a blank page. I read numerous articles about the problem, but nothing has helped" looked like it would be the appropriate one to solve my problem, since the description of the problem sounds identical to mine. After years of favicons working fine on several often-used sites, many of them are now missing - although not all. If I link to a rarely used site, sometimes a favicon is restored, but there are many often-used sites for which the favicons do NOT reappear. However, the solution, which apparently worked for others, has not worked for me. I even tried toggling the "true" to "false" for the two items mentioned in the article cited above (browser.chrome.favicons & browser.chrome.site_icons), closing out of FF, and then going back to "about:config" again and toggling back to "true", closing out again and going back into FF again. The favicons in my favorites list are still not restored.

"Favicon Restorer" appears only to "restore" favicons to the URL bar - it does not restore missing favicons. If a favicon is missing from a favorite, it does not appear in the URL bar using Favicon "Restorer". I researched and the "Favicon Reloader" seemed to offer the ability to do just what I wanted - restore the missing favicons in my favorites list. However, this only works with older versions of FF and I have the latest version. Is it not possible for Firefox to allow this Favicon Reloader Add-on to work with the latest versions of FF? (I see that the developer has requested this, but FF apparently will not support his request.) After years of never having any problems with any of my favicons, I would have to develop a problem right when the solution to the problem (an Add-on developed to do just what I need done) is no longer supported!

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The AddOn cannot be adapted because there is no replacement API to set the Icon.