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Junk Mail

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So been using POP forever but can't get Thunderbird to stop down loading viruses from the yahoo bulk mail folder. Yes done all the fixes and nothing works.

So converting to IMAP. Setup easy. However IMAP is marking all my mail from my wife as junk. No this isn't a joke. All the mail from my wife gets a junk icon. She uses a *.outlook.com email address. She is in my address book, collected addresses, nicknames folder. Adaptive junk filtering is on. Checked Norton360 and it is not doing it. Turned on and off spamassasin and spampal

Have deleted the junk.msf file. Have recreated the IMAP account 3x. This doesn't happen in my old pop account, which is using the same profile.

Hoping someone knows how to fix.


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Edit, I misread your question. You are the second person this week claiming that Yahoo is marking numerous messages as junk. Sorry I do not have a solution.

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I am not using outlook or any Microsoft provider, it is just my wife is sending from an outlook account.

My mail server is clearly not showing it as junk or spam. And please note my pop account does not show it as spam either and it is the same profile as my IMAP account. Only the Imap shows it with the junk indicator. Also note that it does not transfer it to the junk folder like all the other junk, it just marks it as junk.

Very odd.


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Sorry, I'm confused, I am not using any Microsoft products nor any of the ones listed in the article.

The mail is coming from outlook.com address but I am not using any microsoft products on my end.

I did create a different outlook account and sent it to me. It did mark as spam and moved to the junk email directory. Since my wife's is in the address book it apparently doesn't move it but just marks it as junk.

Again confused why Thunderbird Pop and Thunderbird Imap accounts would treat junk differently when they have all the exact same settings.

Apparently Thunderbird is marking outlook.com as junk in Imap but not Pop

Thanks again

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Yes disregard the Microsoft stuff. I suggested that to you because I misread your posting and to the other person because the had not stated who their provider was in their original question. I just referred you to the other thread to follow since this issue is with Yahoo in both cases.

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Yahoo appears to be handling the mail fine. It is not marked as spam or moved to junk mail on yahoo. I have logged into Yahoo from both my phone and directly on my PC. It does not show the mail as junk, just shows it as a normal email. Also my Pop account downloads it from yahoo fine.

Am I missing something? It is only flagged as junk in my Thunderbird Imap Inbox. Nowhere else.

Have been using Thunderbird Pop without this issue for years.


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I don't understand how you are seeing the Bulk Mail folder in a POP-connected account. In a POP-connected account you generally have to visit the webpage to see anything beyond the Inbox folder.

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I'm not seeing my bulk mail folder in yahoo. I have to go to Yahoo.com to see it. However none of these emails I'm referencing are in the yahoo bulk mail folder. They are all in the yahoo inbox folder.

My pop account downloads them fine into my pop account inbox.

My imap account downloads them into my imap account inbox but puts the junk mail flag on them.

So summary on the emails I receive from my wife's c***@outlook.com

Pop - the mail goes into thunderbird pop inbox correctly. Not flagged as junk

Imap - the mail goes into thunderbird imap inbox and is flagged as junk

On yahoo.com - Mail is in the yahoo inbox. It is not flagged as spam or junk

I have no idea with imap why it would be different than in the yahoo.com inbox except if there is a faulty setting in the thunderbird imap program.

Thanks again.

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Little more follow up on this.

The mail is being flagged as junk but is not being deleted. When I go to the junk mail log it does not show this message. It stays in the inbox but is marked as junk. All other junk gets transferred to the junk folder

I received 1 email today from a *@msn.com account and it behaves exactly the same way.

I created a whitelist filter in Thunderbird. When I run it then it works fine and removes all the junk icons. As soon as Thunderbird resyncs they all come back and I have to manually run the filter again.

On yahoo mail I also created a whitelist filter. Note yahoo has never shown this as junk or moved it to the spam folder, which is why I suspect this is a Thunderbird problem. Also note that my iphone and google tablet also use imap and do not show these messages as junk. It is just Thunderbird

This is driving me crazy so I hope someone has a solution for this. I'd hate to have to switch to Outlook.

Is there something Thunderbird is seeing in mails from the big Microsoft email system that is causing this action?


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Take one of your junk-mails, mark it as Not junk. Then under the same menu "run junk mail controls" I'm curious what that would do. Maybe you should turn of adaptive junk mail filtering

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So when I marked as not junk, it removes the orange flag. When I run junk mail controls it doesn't change the state of that message and it leaves the other messages marked as junk. As soon as it syncs again the orange junk flag is back.

I've tried the adaptive junk mail filtering as well. I turned it off again and ran my filter. Filter removes all orange flags. As soon as it syncs again then orange junk flags are back.

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What is so strange is that I have my pop account as well. It does not mark these messages as spam. This AM I deleted the Imap folder completely from my profile and started over. I thought perhaps something in the imap folder was causing this since pop doesn't flag it. Unfortunately no luck, behaves exactly the same. So it doesn't appear it is anything in my profile that is causing it.

It seems like the imap interface must have a line of code that automatically identifies some header in a *@outlook.com email as junk.

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Lets see, pop is totally disconnected from the yahoo cripple ware server and it works fine.

Thunderbird works fine as well, as long as you again do not resync to the yahoo server. So what do you think might be the cause. I think Yahoo sits front and center on this.

When you have the mail open, press Ctrl+U. In the headers at the top of the message source you will see a line starting with X-YahooFilteredBulk followed by an IP address. That sending IP address is a spammer according to Yahoo and nothing you can do will change that. That is what you get for using Yahoo.

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Pop is connected to the yahoo server and downloads fine. No indication of junk. Yahoo does not move the mail to the Spam folder nor do any of my other Imap devices. Everywhere but Thunderbird Imap it shows up fine.

But I think you are on to something. Control U shows

'''''X-YahooFilteredBulk: Received-SPF: pass (domain of outlook.com designates as permitted sender)'''''

So it does appear to be picked up as filtered by Yahoo. However the second line shows a permitted sender. I check the emails that yahoo actually sends to the Spam folder and they have the filtered line but the second line says not permitted.

So Yahoo apparently treats these differently since this email is in the inbox and not directed to spam where other junk is sent directly to spam folder.

What I don't understand and where Thunderbird is involved.

Thunderbird Imap marks this as junk but does not transfer to the junk folder like it does with all other junk

Apple Iphone Imap does not mark this as junk

Samsung Gmail App Imap does not mark this as junk

I downloaded a trial of Outlook mail and it's Imap does not mark as junk

Thunderbird Pop does not mark as junk

Why is Thunderbird the only Imap to pass this information through when Thunderbird pop and the other Imap programs do not?


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I ran that IP on www.anti-abuse.org and found it blocked on one list: spam.dnsbl.sorbs.net