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Since yesterday morning Firefox can not load Facebook. Every other browser works fine. Tried many computers, both Windows and Macs, same issue. Help!

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Facebook loads fine on multiple PCs and Macs in any number of browsers but NOT with Firefox on any of them. Started Friday AM. It tries to load but takes FOREVER and never gets "up". Frustrating since FF is my browser of choice despite the fact it has recently become the slowest of all the browsers I've tried. Be nothing like THIS slow. Other sites seem to be unaffected, just Facebook.

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What you describe look like a problem of infection, for me. I have W7 and FF34 as you, and FF is faster than Chromium. So, except a problem of corruption of the code of your Firefox (and maybe problems generated by some addons or plugins), I' rather believe that there is malware(s) on your computer. For FB, it could be the adware pushow**.dll, like pushow35.dll, in c:\windows\system32 What security programs do you use on your computer ?

If you want, you could also try to start Firefox in "safe mode", to see if there is a difference of speed and on FB.