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When will option browser.urlbar.maxRichResults work as it used to?

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When will option browser.urlbar.maxRichResults work as it used to?

I want about 30 - i.e. a full screen's-worth of Rich Results. No problem once - not now.

Something is seriously FUBAR when a once-working parameter can be changed - but no longer has any effect.

Nothing to do with Top Sites, I believe. I know how to change the balance of what is offered.

I just want parameter browser.urlbar.maxRichResults to work again.

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It should be working since version 79, see

It works OK for me.

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TyDraniu said

It should be working since version 79, see It works OK for me.

No "It" doesn't. I'm not talking of the bug you give a link to. I tried to make this very clear in my question as I've noted many respondents, including yourself, misinterpreting the real issue in other threads.

It will work when setting browser.urlbar.maxRichResults to 32 means that you see 32 urls.

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Both your posts repeat things already posted to the others trying to solve this particular issue.

Please, as I wrote, forget Top Sites (to which both your suggested links refer) and address just this:

Why does setting browser.urlbar.maxRichResults to, say, 35, no longer increase the number of urls offered?

... and when will this importance functionality be restored?
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This functionality hasn't been removed.

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It may be there - but not selected by default.

I seem to have got the functionality back by setting browser.urlbar.suggest.topsites to false.

As I see it, Mozilla gives the impression of pointless and neurotic bloat. So many full updates.

Topsites is not wanted. No doubt the above backdoor will be disabled before long.

Further, recent evidence of Mozilla bloat is the injection of lots of white space into the Thunderbird desktop.

Why, oh why, oh why? If it ain't broke - don't "fix" it. KISS. That used to be Mozilla's KPI - how the mighty are fallen.

Thanks for your responses.

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There is no need to go to about:config for browser.urlbar.suggest.topsites. You can set what suggestions to show via "Options/Preferences -> Privacy & Security" and remove the tick for Top sites.

You can set what suggestions show when you enter an URL in the location/address bar bar.

  • Options/Preferences -> Privacy & Security
    Address Bar: When using the location bar, suggest:
    Open tabs
    Top sites
  • Options/Preferences -> Search -> Search Suggestions