Managing Firefox Updates

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This article is intended for IT administrators who wish to set up Firefox on the computers within their organization.

We recommend keeping automatic updates enabled for all Firefox deployments to ensure that the latest security patches are applied and all features are available, but your specific environment may prevent automatic updates.

Both Firefox Rapid Release and Firefox Extended Support Release can both be used in your Enterprise environments. If you're concerned about frequent large updates, we recommend checking out Choosing a Firefox update channel to learn more about Firefox Extended Support Release.

Major update frequency Major update scope Minor update frequency Minor update scope
ESR Every year

See calendar

New features delivered and bugs fixed in the last 12 months. Every 4 weeks or when necessary Critical stability or security bug fixing
RR Every four weeks

See calendar

New features delivered and bugs fixed in the last 4 weeks When necessary in-between major releases Critical stability or security bug fixing

Disabling Firefox updates

Automatic updates are enabled by default, but you can disable them using the DisableAppUpdate policy.

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