Sign in to a Mozilla account using 3rd-party authentication

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You can use your existing Google or Apple ID to create a Mozilla account. This is a convenient way to access Mozilla’s products and services and eliminates the need for you to remember yet another username and password.

Note: You cannot use your Google or Apple ID to sign in to Firefox Sync, because Sync requires a password to encrypt your data. Learn more.

Sign up for a Mozilla account using your existing Google or Apple ID

  1. Go to
  2. Click Continue with Google or Continue with Apple.
  3. Go through the Google or Apple authentication flow to sign in. You may have to enter authentication codes related to your chosen account, if prompted.

You can unlink your Google or Apple ID from your Mozilla account in the Linked Accounts section of your account settings.

Note: If the email address for your current Mozilla account is the same as the one you use for your Google or Apple ID, your Mozilla account will be linked automatically when you sign in using your Google or Apple ID.

How we use your Google or Apple data

We receive your email address from Google or Apple, which we use for authentication purposes. Additionally, we receive your profile picture, although we don’t use this data for any purpose. We do not provide any data back to Google or Apple.




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