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firefox crashes PC BSOD bad spool header error mssg

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I am unable to re install Firefox on my Windows 8 PC. Since yesterday trying to launch Firefox causes my PC to crash and then as it shuts down I am advised to search online for bad_spool_header info

After I did (both Chrome and Explorer work) I found a" search by conduit" add on which I was able to uninstall and completely (?) clean out from my system I also ran several malware tests and cleaned out my registry keys. The computer works fine only issue is with Firefox. Since Firefox immediately launches after install and this causes PC to crash I am stuck in an endless loop and cannot even go into safe mode for Firefox, attempting to do that to stop the launch caused not only a crash but a weird vibrating noise from PC.

Please note I use Win 8 as old style Win programs from regular desktop/start menu, not via app/charms interface (in case you are sending me instructions). Hope you can help me get my Firefox back!

Được chỉnh sửa bởi ckinsobe vào

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No one, huh?

At least Windows peeps are trying to help me, I'd think someone here at Firefox would care that I cannot use their browser, which is my preferred browser.

I have spent most of the day on this....Firefox still crashing seconds after launching and giving me BSOD. Everything else on my computer including Chrome and Internet Explorer works fine. So if anybody has ANY input as to what can be causing this feel free to help! I have ran Driver verifier so have the dump files for that if someone wants to see them.link text

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You can run all of the malware removal tools listed here, to remove any remaining malware from your computer:

If you still have problems opening Firefox you can uninstall it again and remove your Firefox user data and settings, in addition to any leftover Firefox program files, before reinstalling Firefox. See Uninstall Firefox from your computer for details.

As far as your Windows BSOD crash with bad spool header error message, that's something you should ask on a Windows forum such as windowsbbs.com or answers.microsoft.com since Firefox should not be causing a system crash.

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Hi ckinsobe, Happy Valentine's Day! Bad spool header

Can you make sure that the drivers updated in the about:support page as well?