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How can I clear DOM Storage when Firefox closes?

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DOM Storage is becoming used more often for tracking purposes, so I would like it to be cleared when Firefox closes. This link says it can only be cleared under certain conditions: http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/DOM:Storage#Storage_location_and_clearing_the_data

The "Clear history when Firefox closes" Settings in Options -> Privacy does not have a checkbox for DOM Storage.

Setting dom.storage.enabled in about:config to "false" affects all sites. Some sites I've visited *require* DOM Storage to be enabled for those sites to function.

Does enabling one of the checkboxes in "Clear history when Firefox closes" clear DOM Storage already? Can DOM Storage be allowed only for specific sites like regular cookies can? Is there any built-in (non-addon) way to clear or control DOM Storage automatically?

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Why enable that at all? This page states where the data is stored: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/profiles-where-firefox-stores-user-data.

"DOM storage: DOM Storage is designed to provide a larger, more secure, and easier-to-use alternative to storing information in cookies. Information is stored in the webappsstore.sqlite file for websites and in the chromeappsstore.sqlite for about:* pages. "

To disable DOM storage, go to about:config and change this setting: dom.storage.enabled

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Please fully read the question: "non-addon".

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"Why enable that at all?" It is enabled by default when Firefox is installed. The question asks how to clear it automatically or control individual sites' access to it.

As the question states, setting dom.storage.enabled to false (disabling it) interferes with some sites that require it.

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Note that chromeappsstore.sqlite has been replaced with IndexedDB.
DOM Storage uses the same permissions as cookies, so if you allow cookies then DOM storage is included and vise verse if you block cookies then you block DOM storage as well.
You only can't clear DOM storage easily AFAIK.

  • Bug 527667 - DOM Storage (localStorage, sessionStorage) data is not cleared when "Clear Recent History" is used with Time range not "Everything"

Please DO NOT comment in bug reports: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/page.cgi?id=etiquette.html

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What kind of sites demand the use of DOM storage? I have not encountered any.

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Sites that store larger cookies or wish for more persistence require DOM storage. Example: Khan Academy.

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I have also been encountering this issue. At first I thought it was a JavaScript error, but have discovered (mostly through this thread) that DOM storage is the culprit. Many education sites (colleges, etc) seem to rely on it.

Has there been any advance in determining a method to clear or selectively enable/disable this feature?

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Google stores a cookie in DOM storage if you click the close button on the promo to install Google Chrome. YouTube store the volume setting in DOM storage.

You can type or paste localStorage in the command line of the Web Console (Firefox/Tools > Web Developer;Ctrl+Shift+K) and press the Enter key.
If you click [object Storage] to open the object viewer then you can see stored data.