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I was told to delete temporary Internet/Cache files on a regular basis. How do I do this?

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I have been having trouble with some orders I have made online. The webmaster from one online store told me I should be regularly deleting the temporary Internet/cache files. Is this accurate? I know when I do this with Safari, some banking websites want me to enter my passwords again because they say I am using a compute that has not visited this website before. As far as my problem with ordering items online and having problems with the store getting my order, I was told by the webmaster that any good computer practice includes regularly deleting the temporary Internet/cache files. How do I do this on Firefox? I am new to using Firefox. Thanks!

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I typed in about:cache page and it came back Problem loading page, "Web addresses are usually written like

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Are you sure that you typed or pasted about:cache in the location bar?

You can open the Add-ons page via Tools > Add-ons and modify that last part to change it to cache to get about:cache

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