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Accurate Bookmark File Sizes Needed Before Reinstall.

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I'm about to change Linux distribution and have around 20 thousand links (according to Library and Search). Most of those links are in category folders and sub folders and stuff gets routinely deleted when not needed, entire categories are often deleted when done with.

If I backup the current bookmarks, the HTML file comes to 7.7 MiB and JSON file 7.3 MiB. How can I be sure those backup files actually contain my current 20k worth of links??

It just seems a small file size for such a large amount of links. I'm sure I've seen larger backup file sizes than that in the past but it could be that things have changed under the hood and things have got more compressed.

I can't really afford to discover that I've lost a load of links and folders when I come to set Firefox back up in a new distro (using import). It's bad enough Firefox ignores any current layout integrity when bookmarks get imported over into a new set up and I end up having to re-order everything over the following days. But I'm grateful that previous large (but smaller than this) backup bookmark files do usually end up whole.


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One way you could check is to import the bookmarks backup into a new profile, install SQLite Manager in both the profiles, and compare the count for any discrepancy: Firefox Tools (Alt + T) > SQLite Manager, ignore any prompts, select places.sqlite and Go in the middle of the toolbar. Next select moz_bookmarks on the left and click Search (button) on the right. For the Search, type = 1 and title IS NOT NULL would be a good criteria.

Profiles Howto

Profile Manager

Firefox Profile Folder

Firefox Profile Folder & Files

To open the profile folder via Firefox: Help (Alt + H) > Troubleshooting Information > Show Folder.

You can also install SQLite Manager on just a single profile and use Connect Database via the Database menu.

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You can paste this code in the HTML file after the meta tag to see a count before each link when you open the file in Firefox.

<style >
 content:"[" counter(a_link) "] ";
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Thanks both. Apologies for the delayed response. Tried the two methods and both work. Everything appears to be as it should, so will proceed.

I hope the Firefox devs find time to do a bit of work on bookmark management in the future. It could do with it for heavy bookmark users.

Thanks again anyway.