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How do I add pdf in "content type"?

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I cannot open PDF files (the page goes blank). I see ways to change how the PDF is opened, but I don't even have a PDF option in my "Content Type" list.

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Hello meljoy, not in "Content", in "Applications" you can set the download actions.

Change what Firefox does when you click on or download a file

Set how Firefox handles different types of files

thank you

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Disable the Adobe Reader plugin in Firefox (Tools > Add-ons > Plugins) and use the external Adobe Reader application or Preview application instead.

  • Firefox > Preferences > Applications > Adobe PDF document : Use Adobe Reader

PDF files may also be found under another entry like Portable document.

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Yes, but my problem is in the applications list i can't find anything about PDF. I did look for portable document, but I don't see that either.

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Hi, if you have not a pdf extension or plugin then see in the next how to download and install it : View PDF files in Firefox without downloading them, the schubert-it. plugin is excellent choice (it is in the "Using a PDF reader plugin" session in the above link)

thanks again

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Did you try to disable the Adobe® Acrobat® Plug-in for Web Browsers, Version 10.1.4 that shows in your system details list?

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it is disabled, but i feel my issue still is that in my list under Preference - Applications. I have NOTHING about PDF so I can't tell it what plug in or program to use to open them.

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Try to delete the mimeTypes.rdf file in the Firefox Profile Folder to reset all file actions.