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FireFox 5 for Mac doesn't seem to play well with PDFs. Not only doesn't it view them, in some cases it won't download them.

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On several sites, such as SouthEastern Toyota's site and the Florida Department of Transportation's SunPass site, the site systems will serve up PDF files which simply do not display in FireFox and which do not get downloaded. Earlier versions of FireFox did not have problems with those sites; FireFox 4 and 5 do. Other web browsers, including Safari, Opera, and, over on Windows, IE 8 and 9, have no problems. Is there a fix and when will it be available?

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I uninstalled and reinstalled the Schubert|it PDF Browser Plugin, as the Adobe plugin is not available for Firefox 5, and this time it seems to work for most sites. There are some artifacts in many PDFs as viewed using the Schubert plugin, though, which don't seem to be present when using the Adobe one, so I'd appreciate it if anyone could tell me if/when the Adobe plugin will work with Firefox 5? And will either the Schubert or the Adobe plugin work with Firefox 6?