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Lost my Awesome Bar.... How do I restore it?

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Somewhere, somehow, I hit a wrong key, and lost my "Awesome Bar", and cannot figure out how to restore it, nor how to use FireFox without it.

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Well, and good, BUT I have NO tool bars, NO WAY to open anything! Back does NOTHING but go back to last page I had open!

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If the menu bar is missing, press Alt or F10 to temporarily display it. In the View menu select Toolbars, then click on the names of the toolbars to toggle displaying them.

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Ok, thanks. I went around the back of Robin Hood's Barn to get in the front door, and it worked.

I un-installed, and re-installed the entire Firefox program, and re-loaded, and now all is back. Needed done anyways, because I had up-dated it so often, it was time to get rid of some of the old crap.

Now.... Another Question. WHY does Google Chrome call Firefox a dangerous file that can damage my computer? Can't stand the competition?

Thanks for your help


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Chrome will call any executable file a possible dangerous file, it is not picking on Firefox. Executable files are one way of spreading viruses so Chrome is warning you if you download an executable file.