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Scanning page from printer to computer for printing or mailing

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I am new at copying from my printer and scanning to printer has a scan button, but I am having trouble copying from my printer to the internet as my grandson is in Hawaii in the Navy and he wants me to send him via internet some old recipes of mine.

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It may be easier to scan the document using your computer to control your scanner. If you have an HP scanner there are numerous posts on the HP Forum web site regarding having inactive scan buttons on the scanner. As a matter of fact, your post would probably be better answered on your scanner company's web site forum page(s). If you do have HP, then you should have some type of software loaded on your computer that can control your scanner (one of which is called HP Solution Software, if it is older it had a slightly different name). You should be able to find this software in your Program File folders or by going to all programs via Windows. Even if it's not an HP, it most likely came with some type of scanning software so your should look at your manufacturer's name of the scanner and search for software with that name in your programs. Click on that to open it and you should be given options that will allow you to scan from your computer, save it to your computer in a variety of formats (picture files, PDF, etc.). Once saved on your computer, you can email that file to your son.

Let me know if this helps. Anchors aweigh ....