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Can I save my "app tabs", so they load each time I open firefox?

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When i create app tabs, I want them to save and load each time I open firefox.

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I second this. App tabs loose some functionality if I have to re-create them each time I clear cache/cookies. If there was a way to save just those tabs in a more permanent manner, it would be dandy.

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This post only applies to App Tabs as included in Firefox 4.0 Beta 2. It does not apply to any particular App Tab extension that may be added to Firefox 3.6.8 or older.

At present (Firefox 4.0 Beta 2), App Tabs are not fully implemented into Firefox. Additional features will likely be added as development continues.

In short, to my knowledge there's not yet a way to preserve ONLY the app tabs in Firefox 4, though I'm confident that such functionality is intended for the final release.

In the meantime, it seems the only way to preserve native Firefox 4.0 app tabs is via the session restore feature.

This can be enabled by going to the Firefox button, Options, General.

Under "When Firefox Starts"...

Change the selected option to "Show My Windows And Tabs From Last Time".

However, this naturally makes ALL tabs persist when you close and re-open the browser EVERY time, so be aware of any privacy or usability implications this may have for your situation.

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It's all a work in progress. App Tabs will be saved between sessions and will appear on all windows of Firefox. Right now, they don't, but that's because it's a work in progress.

The meta bug is this:


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This issue--app tabs not persisting between sessions--is present in the FF 4 release candidate for me, at least.

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Yes. The apps are still not saved between sessions. I am on FF4 RC and Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

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just downloaded the FF4 tonight (windows 7 if that matters) and the app tabs only last for the current session and are gone if you close and reopen FF, also they are not even there if you just start a new window

also the tabs seem to be quirky.. .new windows open very often instead of new tabs, and i have all of my settings the same as i always have

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If your settings for Firefox say "Don't Save Browsing History" when I exit Firefox this kills restore of App Tabs. When I changed this setting, app tabs works perfectly.

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My privacy settings don't have the "Clear history when Firefox closes" box checked and I still have this issue. Any suggestions?

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