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When watching videos, audio gets out of sync...

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Whenever I watch any type of video with Firefox, the audio and video do not sync. They are fine if I watch them in IE but I hate using IE (so very slow). I have tried updating firefox, but I have the most recent update. I have updated Java and Adobe as well and none of these seem to be the problem. It doesn't matter which website I use, all videos do this when viewed with Firefox.

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== ever since I've had firefox but it seems worse lately

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ok, after searching for hours for a solution to this (and I guess no one else knew either because I wasn't getting any answers!) I finally found a reference to there being a bug in Flash Player that causes this problem for some people. If anyone else is having this problem the solution is surprisingly easy:

After opening a video (in hulu, youtube, where ever) right click on the video. Then click on the first folder (display). Uncheck "enable hardware acceleration."

Problem fixed.

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I have unchecked the "enable hardware acceleration" and it still will not sync streaming videos properly.

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I had updated Firefox to the new Java (TM) 7 Update 5 and Adobe Flash Player 11.3 latest versions and had an out of sync video and audio problem with these configurations. I have maintained the Java update and uninstalled the the Adobe Flash Player version. Then I reinstalled Adobe Flash Player (non IE) version on my desktop PC to synchronize the video/audio problem. Make sure you find the non IE flash player version to download from the internet.