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Firefox does not accept keyboard input after resuming from powersaving mode Ubuntu.

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Very odd. I'm running Firefox V 3.6.3 under Ubuntu. Firefox works fine until my screen powers down from power savings mode. I have mine set for like 5 minutes I think. After it resumes you can't input from the keyboard. You CAN copy and paste to your hearts content but no keyboard input works. Seamonkey does not have this problem as i've left both browsers up at the same time to make sure it wasn't something with the ubuntu system.

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== Not sure. I think the last upgrade but didn't really notice it at first.

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3.6.6 and still got the problem here.

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More information. You can open up a new window [CTRL-N] and the NEW window works fine but the original window still won't allow keyboard input and i've not seen the new window suffer the same problem although i've not really tested that yet. A suggested work around would be to copy and paste your url to the new browser.

And i've seen this happen on the 3.6.6 version aswell only not as often unless it's just a fluke.

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I have the same problem-cannot type in Firefox 3.6.6

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I have had the same problem with Firefox in Ubuntu. However, a simple solution I use is to go to System->Preferences->Keyboard and type in some characters into the 'Type to test settings' edit box. This will bring back the ability to type characters into Firefox once again.

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Same problem here. Ubuntu 10.04 Firefox 3.6.6

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I have this problem on Ubuntu Lucid (v10.04 LTS) running FF v3.6.12. It happens on two different Lucid laptops.

~~~ 0;-Dan