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Since recently updating ubuntu and firefox the windows control symbols ie the x shrink and enlarge symbols have moved from the right to the left when windows are opened. How do I change them back to the right hand side?

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Control icons, (the X, shrink, and expand ones), for an open window, including Firefox have moved to left hand side. Now located above File on the menu items in firefox. How do I change them back to right hand side?

Other users on the computer still on the right though.

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== After upgrade of Ubuntu/firefox last week

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I have the very same problem. I can't view videos or access any messengers

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How is that the "very same problem"?

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Since I have updated my Ubuntu my X, minimize and enlarge controls are on the left hand side of the pages. The other controls that traditionally was there have disappeared.

I am also having video and messenger problems. I can't access any videos or access my messenger on firefox/namoroka. I have no idea where this Namorka came from. I guess its part of Firefox.

I have tried putting firefox in the safe-mode and disabling ext. to find out if that is problem. After I try and update I went back to Plugin Check page 9 out of my 11 plugins say (name of plugin) .... Unable to Detect Plugin Version ...... Research and the remaining 2 say (name of plugin) ....the version .... up to date.

At the top of my page it says "The plugins listed below are up to date" I have this feeling that 9 are not up to date and I click the research button and it gives me other peoples troubles but I have yet to find any solutions. Perhaps I am over looking the obvious. I am used to Windows and Ubuntu is rather foreign territory to me. The price was right when I needed a computer.

I hope I explained it well enough