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My SSL secure site is blocked "Secure Connection Failed"

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Hello Firefox. You have been my go-to browser for many years now. I am always using the latest version for Mac. About ten days ago, two of my four sites became blocked, with the "Secure Connection Failed" notice.

I am a low-income independent working artist who needs for people to have access to my sites. GoDaddy sees no issue on their end (all four of my sites are under the same deluxe hosting account with the exact same SSL encryption), and all four sites show up on Safari and Chrome. Until now, I have preferred Firefox.

https://www.alexalev.com/ https://www.paintedjay.com/

These are the results at Why No Padlock using the Firefox browser: https://www.whynopadlock.com/results/447e5a19-3baa-4374-ba79-a9829eeef737

According to Why No Padlock, everything is perfect.

To make matters screwier, none of my sites are e-commerce or take info from people. They present information and there are links off site to places like Amazon and Instagram, but there is nothing of a security issue on any of them, PLUS I have SSL encryption properly configured, anyway, no matter what, so that there would be no issue.

Please re-instate public access to my sites. I am sure this is a glitch of some kind. Nothing else explains it, but I need them to be LIVE ASAP, as I am trying desperately to make some kind of a living with the pandemic having cancelled all my shows. Thank you!


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The error pages indicate a "revoked certificate" or in other words, the issuer has canceled the site's certificate. It is something we have seen with other GoDaddy sites.

This test site flags the issue: https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html?d=alexalev.com&latest

Maybe you can point GoDaddy there and see what they have to say. Maybe it is a temporary glitch on the OCSP server, or maybe it really was revoked for some reason.

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Thank you. This is very bizarre, as all my sites are under the same certificate. Two sites show and two don't. All sites show on the other main browsers. The SSL has NOT been revoked, but I will call GoDaddy tomorrow with the info you sent me. Thank you again.

I would love to know if anyone else is experiencing the same issue. This happened suddenly about ten days ago.

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Firefox might be the only mainstream browser that still routinely performs real time OCSP (revocation) lookups. Most other browsers rely on a list that they download from time to time, so the effect may be delayed. I'm not sure why other other sites using the same certificate are not affected.

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jscher.... I just want to say THANK YOU!... Half an hour on hold and then a 1.15 hour phone call with godaddy... But the problem has been solved and my sites are all back up. I emailed her the ssllabs link you sent me, and that was of great assistance with solving the problem.

Thank you again!

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