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Open correct program on download with FF on Linux

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I'm using FF on Linux FC 30. If I download a file, let's say it's an RPM file it gives I get a dialog that says "You have chosen to open: Someprogram-1.2.3.rpm. What should Firefox do with this file Open with Apper Installer (default)"

If I click OK, nothing seems to happen. The "Apper" program does not open. Similarly, if I download a PDF, a PDF viewer does not open either. I'm not sure why it offers to open with that if it does not actually do it."

Instead, I have to click on the Downloads arrow, open the containing folder, right click on the file in a file explorer and have it open that application. Or, find wherever FF decided to put the file, currently FF favors /tmp/mozilla_my_id_0 and execute the program in a terminal.

I'd like to have FF actually do what it offered to do. I like to have it ask first. That part is good. But I want it to actually run the program. Apper exists on my system, and I have PDF viewers as well.

Secondly, I want to have FF download files in the normal Downloads folder and not some place off /tmp.

How can both things be fixed?

Thanks, Ben

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I mistakenly forgot to mention, I already have

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If you want to download, choose the save option rather than the open option. There are settings on the General page in Preferences under ¨Files and Applications¨.