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new print menu terrible

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The latest version 84.0.1 for Mac now opens a new print menu, which is terrible. How do I force it to go away and permanently default to "print using the system dialog", which "Firefox help" never heard of. I can't find any way to get rid of it. It is a hateful change to Firefox, I hate it and my sister is in tears. She hates computers anyway. Seniors can't handle these dramatic changes.

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I looked at that page. I don't want to reprogram the computer. I want to know where in Firefox preferences the checkbox is to turn it off. PLEASE put check boxes in preferences for such things. That is where they belong. To have to type config anything is poor programming. I save a lot of pages as PDFs on my Mac, now it takes twice as long. NEVER default to new things. It just pisses people off. It is not helpful and it is not kind.

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This modal print window is a new feature and for now it is behind the pref I mentioned above and you can still revert to the old interface. This won't be possible forever and it is likely that this pref will be removed in a few releases when this feature is working properly and all major bugs are fixed.

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Who decides these terrible ideas to change the basic way FF works? How about beta testing using 'normal' non-super techie /gamer types? FF disabled user Feedback. FF developers seem to expect users to have only the newest computer equipment, huge display screens, and lot's of extra memory. AND lot's of extra time on their hands to deal with and attempt to roll-back unannounced surprises foisted on users in the all too frequent updates. I stopped updating Firefox to side step the now unusable print function. This "feature" will NEVER 'work properly' because it is incompatible with the equipment and the way people interact with windows.

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Was the option to revert to old style modal dialog removed in V88? I tried the print_modal setting but it has no effect on that version. The main reason for preference to old style printing is the "Simplify Page" option. Without it FF is utterly USELESS to me. Who makes these decisions to arbitrarily change things? A major selling point to FF is that it is not Chrome or Edge, so why are you copying them? So out of touch with users.

In case you want to recommend it, "Reader" mode or view does not do exactly the same thing so don't point me down that path.

If you cannot maintain support for the old printing their is no longer any reason for me to use FF. Looks like Brave might be best alternative. I don't like their printing either but it's better at blocking things and security.

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rob_j said

Was the option to revert to old style modal dialog removed in V88?

No, flipping that preference from true to false still works.

(1) In a new tab, type or paste about:config in the address bar and press Enter/Return. Click the button accepting the risk.

(2) In the search box in the page, type or paste tab_mo and pause while the list is filtered

(3) Double-click the print.tab_modal.enabled preference to switch between the new experience (true) and the classic experience (false)

(4) If there is another preference named app.normandy.startupRolloutPrefs.print.tab_modal.enabled you can double-click that one to switch it to false as well. If you do not have that one, no need to create it.

Since you are setting to false, it will look roughly like this:

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I have not upgraded since v.84 specifically because I did not want to lose the print function lay-out. FF contributors wrote that it wasn't going to be possible to change back from this new 'modal print' version. Does jscher2000's post mean it is safe for me to download version 88?

P.S. My other reasons to not update is that updates occur too frequently and there isn't anyway to know in advance whether an update is minor or contains some big change to the interface or functionality. The release notes often fall short. I don't want to constantly relearn how to use Firefox, pursue new unwanted features, or hope some kind contributor posted fixes to undo them - such as the unusable change to the print function.

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Hi plew29881, Firefox 88 has minor user-facing differences from Firefox 84. I think most complaints have been related to right-click context menu items that were removed or changed. Also, the Take a Screenshot button moved. The main changes are under the hood.

Firefox 89 (arriving very soon) will have major UI changes, similar to the magnitude of changes in Firefox 29 and Firefox 57. But even in Firefox 89 (and so far, in Firefox 90), you can still revert the print experience.

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Appreciate the warning about FF 89 which apparently rolls out June 1st. I just spent over 90 minutes on Ghacks news ferreting out some of the changes (and complaints) about interim updates. What a time sink! Looks like I will have to carve out a significant block of time to update and then attempt to roll-back unwanted 'improvements.' All I really want are security fixes. The rest is of no value. I hope it's worth the time.

Despite being a 20+ year Mozilla FF naive user, I don't recall what happened with FF29 and 57. They were probably incompatible with the OS I used at the time anyways. The loss of the accessible print/print preview interface is significant. When I have multiple windows open, often side-by-side, the window's width is 5 inches or less. The viewing area is smaller. The unwanted 'print modal' with the righthand dropdown menu box is unusable. Proton sounds like a disaster in the making.

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plew29881 said

When I have multiple windows open, often side-by-side, the window's width is 5 inches or less. The viewing area is smaller. The unwanted 'print modal' with the righthand dropdown menu box is unusable.

I am puzzled why the preview needs to shrink so much. I filed a bug suggesting a partial fix for that, but it's still in the queue. Meanwhile, you can partially resolve the problem by applying custom style rules in a userChrome.css file. This is a community-supported option you may have heard about in other threads. I'm attaching a comparison for reference; the middle screenshot uses these rules:

/*** Maximize Print Preview Size ***/
/* Allow panel to be taller */
  --box-ideal-height: 888 !important;
/* Remove side margins in narrower windows */
@media (max-width: 1280px) {
    max-width: 100vw !important;
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Oi, yoi, yoi. I am not a programmer. That is beyond my ken. Wouldn't know where to begin with this.

Similarly, I drive a car, but there's no expectation that I should be a mechanic or an automotive engineer. I know where to find the oil dipstick.

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plew29881 said

Oi, yoi, yoi. I am not a programmer. That is beyond my ken. Wouldn't know where to begin with this.

For now you can keep using the old setup using the steps in the earlier reply: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1320798#answer-1415373

When you are reading to make the switch, here's how you set up custom style rules. It's a little bit of a project, so make sure you set aside 10 quiet minutes to work through it.

(For anyone who already has a userChrome.css file set up, you just need to add the rule under (A) to your file.)

(A) Generate and download a userChrome.css file with the above code

It's the sample rule in the following page --


-- so you can just click the "Generate CSS File" button and save the userChrome.css file to your computer. (See first attached screenshot)

Use the downloads list on the toolbar to open the downloads folder directly to the new userChrome.css file. (See second attached screenshot)

Minimize that file browser window for later reference.

(B) Create a new chrome folder in your profile folder

The following article has the detailed steps for that (#1, #2, and I recommend #3)


I have videos for both Windows and Mac in case the text is not clear.

(C) Move the userChrome.css file you generated in Step A into the chrome folder you created in Step B

(D) Set Firefox to look for userChrome.css at startup -- see step #6 in the above article.

The next time you exit Firefox and start it up again, it should discover that file and apply the rules.

Được chỉnh sửa bởi jscher2000 - Support Volunteer vào

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I know you -jscher2000 -think that you are being helpful, but you are not. Lots of people, and most seniors first have no idea what you are talking about with your "code" suggestions.

Second, in my senior experience, any time that I have attempted to do anything such as you suggested the result has been that my laptop is rendered useless. Even more functions become screwed up. It's ageism that FIREFOX has fully embraced with version 89. It is time for people in charge of FIREFOX to realize that most people want to use their computers for end directed purposes. NOT because they, like some who post, and evidently those who cooked up 89, think it fun and satisfying to spend their time interacting with a machine. We don't like "code". It is not enjoyable for us to manipulate or write or have anything to do with "code". If FIREFOX wants to be a browser used only by 25 year olds, keep- it up. 89 might get me off to another browser just for self-preservation. It is horribly unusable. A complete ruination of FIREFOX. I'm astounded that FIREFOX people could so cluelessly dump this on older users.

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Hi edsgraves, having a fun afternoon cruising around ranting in various threads?

I provide options in response to user questions. Maybe they are not for you, or most people, but it wasn't your question. Either way, I am not the person who decided to change how printing works in Firefox, and if you read down from the top and find the steps in this reply --


-- you will see that no code is needed to revert to the older print experience. You may want to read before criticizing.