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Firefox Bookmarks - Too few tags permitted

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Hi, I trust you all had a (well deserved) merry Christmas.

I have a question regarding bookmarks in Firefox. This is something that has been bugging me for some years (yes, it has taken me that long to get around to asking about this). Over the last decade I have amounted a large assortment of bookmarks, which I have carefully structured and also add suitable tags to (as I know what I am likely to search for in future). This works very well for me and it's surprising how my past self has been so accurate at predicting what I may find useful to my present/future self, when it comes to searching for something in my bookmarks.

Herein lies my problem though. I often need to put in a number of tags to make a given web resource findable in the future. For example, I was just reading up about the Google compute module, and have been trying to enter the following tags: Google Edge TPU (Neural compute) sbc network artificial intelligence machine vision intel stick Quantization

This number of keywords is too long, yet I don't want to really remove any of these words/acronyms. Why are the bookmarks so heavily restricted with regards to tags? I see that when I look at the bookmarks, there is also a **keywords** option too, but those words are not searchable, so I don't see much value in placing anything in there.

I am not 100% sure, but I could swear too, that bookmarks used to have a description section too, where I could make notes regarding a weblink (EG: "this website has particularly good recipes for pasta, but ignore their vegatarian options as they don't review very favorably"). I may be thinking of another web browser from a long time ago. Having a description field for each bookmark (which is not restricted to a ridiculously short length like the **Tags** field) would be an excellent idea.

so, to summarize: 1. How do I work around having such a short **Tag** field (and when is Mozilla going to fix this?) 2. Can we please have a Description field for each bookmark. Please!

These are just about my only criticisms of what is otherwise my absolute favorite of browsers. Thanks for the great work and effort by all, and have a prosperous and healthy 2021.

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Tags aren't meant to be used the way you do as some kind of description. Tags are meant to be used to categorize and identify bookmarks. You can add multiple tags, but need to use a comma as a separator as you can see if you click the star on the Navigation Toolbar.

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cor-el said

Tags aren't meant to be used the way you do as some kind of description.

I'm not using the tag line as a description, I was merely pointing out that a description field would be very useful. My problem with the tag field is that for the purpose of searching, it is too short. I can only fit in a handful of search words, and quite often I need to put in more searchable words in the tag line.

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Would you be comfortable with an external bookmarks management app? That could sync with firefox?

Additionally the add bookmark UI can be expanded with extensions or user css.