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Firefox seek issues with HTML5

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We have a web application which used to play an audio using the adobe flash. Since firefox is going to stop the flash support in its browser, we are migrating to HTML5 audio. However, we are facing the seek issue which has been reported previously and has not been resolved as of now. The seeks does not seem to work correctly with Variable bit rate signals even in the latest version. On seeking to a particular timestamp, it plays the part of song which should ideally play 3 seconds after the seeked timestamp. I am using 256kbps VBR signal.

If flash is being unsupported starting in 2021, It will be not be possible to play music with precision on firefox using HTML5 player

Related issues:

1) https://stackoverflow.com/questions/22911175/html5-audio-starts-from-the-wrong-position-in-firefox 2) https://stackoverflow.com/questions/32144092/inconsistent-seeking-in-html5-audio-player 3) https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=994561

To reproduce the issue, play an audio with 256kbps bitrate using html audio tag. Seek to some random position in the song and compare it sound played at that instant with the actual song.