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Main screen window is non excisting

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I am missing the The screen window. The task view bar show all the normal windows active in firefox. As far, as I can se firefox is else behaving normal, so if I could read the text in taskbar windows I would not have any problems.

for the same reason, i cant get in safe mode or Troubleshooting Information .

Version 80.0.1

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Hi Verner, so when you click (or hover over) the Firefox icon on the Taskbar, you see tiny thumbnails of the open windows, but clicking one of them doesn't bring it up on the screen?

Sometimes the main Firefox window gets "off screen" somehow. You often can force it to appear on the screen by right-clicking the thumbnail image floating above the Taskbar and choosing Maximize. Does that work?

One possible cause for this is when the file which stores window sizes and positions has become corrupted. You can remove that file and Firefox will return to standard window sizing/positioning.

Method #1: If you can get a maximized window:

Open your current Firefox settings (AKA Firefox profile) folder using either

  • "3-bar" menu button > "?" Help > Troubleshooting Information
  • (menu bar) Help > Troubleshooting Information
  • type or paste about:support in the address bar and press Enter

In the first table on the page, on the Profile Folder row, click the "Open Folder" button. This should launch a new window listing various files and folders in Windows Explorer.

Leaving that window open, switch back to Firefox and Exit, either:

  • "3-bar" menu button > Exit
  • (menu bar) File > Exit

Pause while Firefox finishes its cleanup, then scroll down and rename xulstore.json to something like xulstoreOLD.json just in case you need it later.

Start Firefox back up again. Do windows display normally again?

Method #2: If you cannot get a Firefox window at all:

Shut down Firefox by right-clicking the taskbar icon > Close Window or Close All Windows.

Using the Run dialog (windows key + R) or the Windows search box, type or paste the following and press Enter to drill down to the Profiles folder:


Here you may see one folder -- in which case, double-click into that -- or more than one folder -- in which case, double-click into what looks like the most recently updated.

Scroll down and rename xulstore.json to something like xulstoreOLD.json just in case you need it later.

Start Firefox back up again. Do windows display normally again?

That mini-reset will hide the menu bar and bookmarks toolbar. If you like to display one or both of those bars, you can use any of the following methods to show the toolbar list and select the desired bars there:

  • right-click (on Mac Ctrl+click) a blank spot on the tab bar (or right-click the "+" button)
  • (menu bar) View > Toolbars
    On Windows, tap the Alt key to activate the menu bar temporarily.
  • in Customize mode > Toolbars button (see: Customize Firefox controls, buttons and toolbars)

To turn on the Bookmarks Toolbar, Menu Bar, or other bars, click it on the list.

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