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I am no longer able to login to Firefox Sync on my desktop

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This morning I noticed new bookmarks on my desktop were no longer syncing to my Android phone. When I tried logging out and in again, I could no longer login on my desktop. Each attempt generates an "Unexpected error" message.

I have already tried the Refresh option from the troubleshooting menu. I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling. After both I am still getting an "Unexpected error" message.

I have also attempted to create a new profile, but attempting to enter an email address produces a 500 error.

Any ideas?

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Help? Anyone?

I see from an old question #1170302 that another user had a similar "Unexpected error" problem. The ultimate solution was that user's account had been flagged for some reason, and a dev or admin had to clear that flag.

If that's the same problem my account has, I'd really appreciate if someone with the correct access could give me a hand here.