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Sporadic Video Playback in FF

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I often use the Synology Surveillance Station app in FF and after updating FF to 72.0.1 64bit on my Win10 PC, playback has become difficult to watch. Both in live view and recorded view, the video will jump, stutter, freeze momentarily and occasionally a green and/or black video frame will be displayed.

YouTube and other videos play flawlessly, so I am not sure what the problem may be. It does not appear to be the Synology Surveillance Station app at fault here.

I did not have this issue prior to the FF update and if I open the same Synology app using Chrome, I do not have any issues with the playback of the video at all.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Are there any hidden settings I might try to mitigate this problem?

I have tried starting FF in safe mode, but the problem with video playback persists.

Thanks in advance for any help or information you may offer.

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