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after new version install passwords are lost and does not sync with other device , what to do ?

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Centos 7 sync settings are bellow in the screenshot but no password is being synced whatsoever . About:config also showed correct settings . Please help P.S Everything was working before update perfectly .

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Tried once more log out and login back again and magic happened !

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https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/update-firefox-latest-version?cache=no Did you update Firefox to the latest version 65.0.2 February 28, 2019

How many devises/profiles are on the sync? Are any of them having any problem?

We need to look at the sync logs. Type about:sync-log<enter> in the address bar.

Open the last file created and Copy its contents Now Paste it into this forum.

If the file is too large;

Open a text / word program and load the file. Left-click once. Now <Control> A to highlight everything, then <Control> C to copy it.

Next, have your web browser go to; https://pastebin.com/

Paste <Control> P the content of the file in the window. Note: On the bottom, fill out the boxes as best you can.

Now press Create A New Paste. The page will reload. Copy the new web address, and post it here.

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You can try to set this pref to true on the about:config page.

  • signon.debug = true

You can check the Browser Console for related messages.

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Thanks for replies FF version 60.5.1esr (64-bit) There are no updates though .

THere are 3 files in about:sync-log

First one https://pastebin.com/xH5eGcrm

Last one https://pastebin.com/RZqx47kq

Guessing might be problem with extensions

Connected to only laptop which runs windows FF version on windows 65.0.2 (64 bit) and sync settings is set to all

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ameria said

FF version 60.5.1esr (64-bit)

What else is on the sync?

Type about:accounts<enter> in the address bar. [57+] https://accounts.firefox.com/settings

Turn on password, bookmarks, and history but leave the others off for now.

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There is no such url

And here are the settings on centos

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Tried once more log out and login back again and magic happened !

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Good to hear. Well done.