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firefox automatically starts automatically. How do I fix it?

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I did a new install of openSUSE and everything worked normally, until I started up Firefox. Somebody decided to improve Firefox so that, once started, it starts itself automatically. That is not very friendly. Now, I cannot figure out how to undo the damage. Googling gets me to look in ~/.config/autostart* directories. They are both empty. Using about:config in the address bar and a gazillion entries. Searching for "autostart" yields nothing useful. Besides, that would only be read once Firefox starts and it should never start until I tell it to.

So, two things: 1) How to I prevent this blasted thing from starting every time, and 2) Please fix your interface so that when you decide to be "helpful" without human intervention, *DO* be humanly helpful by making the undoing of your help more obvious.

Thank you.

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Does Firefox open with your homepage or something else? Firefox is not set up so that it starts itself. Something is calling it.

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Is this with the Firefox version from the repositories that OpenSuse provides via its software management or the Firefox version from the Mozilla server?