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When I start Firefox, I want it to open multiple tabs of various websites in InPrivate mode, how do I do this?

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I am able to open one tab upon starting up Firefox in InPrivate mode by doing the following:

1) Create a shortcut for Firefox 2) Right click shortcut -> click properties 3) In the "Target" entry window, add "-private-window <website URL here>"

Then when starting this shortcut, an InPrivate window of the website URL will start.

However I want to open more than one InPrivate tab (different URLs) when starting from this modified shortcut. Simply adding more URLs after the first one doesn't seem to work.

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Hi, how are you trying to add the 2 nd URL with a | between the 2 then your -private-window <website URL here>  ?

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Pkshadow said

Hi, how are you trying to add the 2 nd URL with a | between the 2 then your -private-window <website URL here>  ?

See the first attached screenshot:

Take "www.google.com" and "www.yahoo.com" for <URL1> and <URL2>, respectively. What happens is an InPrivate window of "www.google.com" will open, and a regular window of "www.yahoo.com" will open.

cor-el said

See also:

I think cor-el linked me to the answer. I was able to start up multiple tabs with the "permanent private browsing mode" syntax. See the second attached. It doesn't look like it's in InPrivate browsing mode, but it functions the same. I think that was throwing me off for a while.