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applications with links cause firefox profile manager to open

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In Linux Mint, a problem started of other apps (Password Safe, etc.) that have URL links, are causing the Firefox profile manager to open, when links are clicked in other apps.

The problem is NOT getting Fx to run or to use the right profile - it's working fine. The problem is other applications causing the profile mgr to open, if a link is clicked in them. They're never done that in Linux until now.

It's never been a problem - in Linux or Windows. Perhaps what just triggered it was creating a new profile (via profile mgr). The profile name in the profile mgr & in the Fx launcher cmd line were the same, but the name in Mint's file mgr was slightly different. 1st, I have no idea how Fx was opening & using that misspelled profile in ~/.mozilla/firefox. But Fx started & ran w/ the misspelled profile - I checked.

I created a new profile & made sure the name matched in all locations. Copied data from the old profile to new. Set new profile to be default; opened profile mgr - unchecked "use this profile" & closed it. Launched Fx & checked the option to use the profile every start.

Linux - "Preferred Applications" - shows the same Fx version as the launcher for it, that I'm using for the NEW profile. I'm not sure where else apps get the info for the default browser. Firefox is also set as default, in Options. The launcher cmd line is: /opt/firefox-esr/firefox -P fx-mint-01-06-18 -no-remote. But I've also tried starting that version from terminal, leaving OFF the "-P fx-mint-01-06-18 -no-remote." Same result.

Sometimes, when a link is clicked in another app, I get the old: "Firefox is already running, but is not responding. To open a new window, you must first close the existing Firefox process, or restart your system."

Using other apps with URL links showed the problem of opening profile mgr, even if Fx is running AND the current profile is marked as Default=1 in profile mgr. The other apps w/ links (or a Linux file conveying the info) don't recognize that Fx IS responding. I'm using it right now.

Some other apps either don't recognize Fx is running / responding, or they DO & think I'm trying to open another instance.

Normally, clicking links in other apps just opens the URL in a new Fx tab.

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