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FF49 does not open Window, but is running in Taskmgr. Issue?

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Having the same issue as others posting to this site. Had older version of FF running for years until very recently. I have tried:

1. Updated to FF 49 2. Run several Virus scanners as recommended in other articles on this site. Some PUP and Adware results found and quarantined. 3. Tried to recreate Profile, but Profile mgr does not run 4. Renamed xulstore.json and localstore.rdf, but did not help nor recreate these files.

I am unable to add the requested troubleshooting info as I cannot access Help

Any advice is appreciated

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hi, mozilla just released an update to firefox 49.0.2 that should fix a problem that sound pretty similar to what you've described. you can download this new version from to see if it works for you too.