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Was prompted to update Silverlight, now I cannot install latest version & have NO Silverlight at all

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I am using WIN XP SP3 32 bit on a desktop computer. Firefox prompted me to update Silverlight, which involved uninstalling the existing version of Silverlight, which I did. But when I tried to install the latest version, it wouldn't let me. It actually got to the Installer, then this was the message I got.

"Message ID: generic You reached this page since you encountered problems with the installation of Microsoft Silverlight. In many cases these problems are due to incompatible browser and operating system or due to an old pre-release version of Silverlight. Please follow the Uninstall Instructions to remove any previous versions from your system and then visit the Silverlight Web site and install the latest version. "

What does all this mean, please? I'm not stupid & can manage most basic things, but am not a techie by any means...please, can someone please help me & tell me what I should do next? I am an aged pensioner, thus cannot upgrade my computer, as I haven't the budget to save up for a new one (or a re-con one either!).

I am under the impression that I need Silverlight if I want to watch most videos, and I do daily. (Meditations, mainly).

Thanks in advance Peace and Love Sylvia

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Sorry, Fred didn't make much sense to me. I did say I'm not a techie! 1.....this was the link I used first time round, (twice) & it failed,......again...... 2.....it got as far as "Install the appropriate runtime from the choices below." There was a load of info below, none of which I could see were instructions to "download here" or such like.... 3....well, I had no idea what that was all about "wiki" means nothing to me.....

Please could you be a little more erudite? Step by Step would be a start!!!

I do thank you for your time, though! At least you tried. Sylvia

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https://www.microsoft.com/getsilverlight/get-started/install/default.aspx Check the System Requirements for Silverlight 5 (5.1.40728.0) - WinXP SP3 isn't supported in that version.

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Dear Ed, well, is there a version where it is? Sylvia

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The older version of Silverlight 4 isn't available from Microsoft any longer as far as I can determine - I keep getting re-directed to Silverlight 5 using Windows 7. Looks like you'll need to get it from a 3rd party "downloads" website and most of those downloads websites are blocked for me by uBlock Origin due to their reputation for providing malware with their downloads. This one appears for me, so it may be a safe source for Silverlight 4. http://filehippo.com/download_silverlight/8249/