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firefox wont restore bookmarks or save settings

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My startup disk was over capacity so I force quit out of all of my running applications and shut down my computer. When I started it back up I emptied some files to make a bit of room. WHen I then opened FIrefox, a blank window opened with no bookmarks, toolbar and my homepage did not open. I checked preferences, and the homepage info is there, but for some reason I cannot get the homepage to open upon starting Firefox, or any of my bookmarks. I tried restoring bookmarks from backups, but I get an error message that says that FIrefox can't not open the files.

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First, you should always keep an eye on your hard drive usage. Keep around 10% free for the computer to use.

Also, get an external hard drive for files you want to keep permanently (music, movies, whatever else).

It sounds like your profile was corupted. I suggest creating a new profile, and redo everything. But clear out the disk space first thing.






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