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How to get rid of plugin in use lego icon?

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How do i get rid of this annoying lego like icon next to the back button whenever i go on facebook, youtube or any site that uses a plugin? When I click the icon it opens a dialog that has 2 buttons, block or continue allowing on the use of the plugin on the site.. Anybody here know of an addon or about:config thing i can set to false to hide the lego icon?

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I found the issue with the cookies/log ins. I had turned off ALL history and that also took log ins with it. To me History means EXACTLY that, browsing history, Oh well...

Here is a list of all plug ins and add ons I am using...

EXTENSIONS: Classic Compact Options 16.0.1 Classic Toolbar Buttons 1.2.9 Click To Play Per Element ExecuteJS 0.2.4 Favicon Restorer 1.4 New Tab Homepage 0.4.3 Old Location Bar 2.1.7 Remove New Tab Button 1.0 SQLite Manager 0.8.1 Status-4-Evar 2013.02.16.23

APPEARANCE: Default 24.0

PLUGINS: Adobe Acrobat Microsoft Office 2010 NVIDIA 3D VISION QuickTime Shakcwave Silverlight

If you mean with all history that you were running in Private Browsing mode (never remember history) then that includes all data from a session stored on disk and that includes cookies and other data.

Note that clearing "Site Preferences" clears all exceptions for cookies, images, pop-up windows, software installation, and passwords.


To me hat means HISTORY period. It does not say NEVER SAVE COOKIES or any such it just says NEVER REMEMBER HISTORY. History equals a list of web pages I have visited and NOTHING more. If the powers that be at Mozilla using that setting to turn off ALL saves then they are BADLY mis-using the term HISTORY and ought to stick to normal convention in using terms. Hell this whole thing with the stupid lego icon was passed off as being because the existing feature in FF was 'confusing'. Well crap when you use commonly accepted computer terms incorrectly (such as HISTORY) you are creating even MORE confusion.

If you select "Never Remember History" then Firefox enters Private Browsing mode and "Always use private browsing mode" will get a check mark (toggling this requires a browser restart).

Hi FrogSteaks, this is someone else's thread about the toolbar icon. If you want to discuss Firefox's history settings, please start a new thread.

Seems the offending plug in/add on is the classic tool bar buttons. I absolutely cannot use FF with the current total STUPID AS DIRT plain grey navigation, reload, and home buttons. I have no idea in hell who actually thought those were an update or better than what we had before. If I can simply change the icons used for those buttons via the chrome.css file I might be able to get the desired effect but i am not aware of how to do that. God I really wish people would stop changing things just so they can say 'look its new' thinking that means better...

The offending plug in is the classic toolbar buttons

jscher2000I fully appreciate your efforts working on this. My extremely poor visions makes it so that the standard grey on grey on grey buttons for navigation, reload, home in FF24.0 are absolutely unusable. I have no idea who thought that design was good at all let a lone an improvement, but it is a horrible scheme. If it weer not or needing to get some color buttons back your css fix would be perfect. In the end I want buttons I can see and to get rid completely of the lego icon and the area it is normally presented in. Is there a way in css to change the images used for the forward/back, reload, and home buttons?

Those toolbar button have different icons for a lot of states, so a lot of work would be needed.

  • chrome://browser/skin/browser.css

Best would be to find a theme that works for you.

See also:

Hi FrogSteaks, you wrote:

The offending plug in is the classic toolbar buttons

I spent about 20 minutes trying different options with that extension and didn't see a gap. (See screenshot) I leave the rest of the experimentation to you.

Is there an easier way to remove that lego addon tab on the address bar without doing any editing? I'm using Windows.

Hi NiGHTS4life, do you mean the editing mentioned in these posts?

I'm not aware of any easier way to apply the style rule, but I wouldn't rule out the possibility that someone has created a specific add-on. That often happens. You could search here for any related to notifications:

We have the same issue. Need a way to disable the "Lego" icon completely because we run a locked-down browser where the user cannot change settings. If they accidentally disable a plugin (like Java) on one of our app sites, they will not be able to turn it back on and this will waste support time.

I don't understand why this feature was added with no ability to turn it off (reverting back to older behavior) in about:config. Something like "plugins.click_to_play_notifier" true/false. It should not require installing an add-on to disable it. I can see where it is a useful feature, but we should have control over it.

I have this same thing, but only on Moxilla. Why is that?

I guess I'll be using Internet Explorer as a browser from now on, since you guys have managed to mess up a good thing!

I don't have this issue with Internet Explorer. You guys need to take care of this problem!

Hi Carman2, what problem do you have exactly? Firefox working normally but you are annoyed by the notification icon? Or is something not working?

Note that you can lock prefs to a specific state and there are plugin.state.* prefs for each plugin.
You can see the current value on the about:config page.

You can use a mozilla.cfg file in the Firefox program folder to lock prefs or specify new (default) values.

Place a file local-settings.js in the defaults\pref folder where you also find the file channel-prefs.js to specify using mozilla.cfg.

pref("general.config.filename", "mozilla.cfg");


These functions can be used in the mozilla.cfg file:

defaultPref();  // set new default value
pref();         // set pref, but allow changes in current session
lockPref();     // lock pref, disallow changes

I would not be so keen on getting rid of the plugin icon in the address bar. I have seen some pages where you need that to get the plugin to work at all. Sometimes the placeholder with the play button does not appear.

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