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Silverlight dosen't work at Firefox 18.0.2 on linux ubuntu 12.10

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Silverlight (Moonlight, in fact) dosen't work at Firefox 18.0.2 on linux ubuntu 12.10.

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I forced Silverlight (Moonlight) to install and enable but it did not then work.It has worked ok on some previous versions, but not sure which one it stopped on.

Sometimes extensions appear incompatible but do in fact work. (That problem has probably gone away with official AMO downloads) I suggest you try Ubuntu or Lynux related forums and any Moonlight related ones see if you are able to find any further information.

You may be lucky and get an answer here, but the majority of users here are on Windows.

Works for me on Linux with Firefox 18.0.2 and still works in the current Nightly 21.0a1

Any ideas on what is happening please cor-el

Using Ubuntu

  • I am finding that in Firefox 18.0.2(Mozilla) that the extension is disabled. /questions/950025
  • Whereas in Aurora 20.0a2 (Canonical) it installs but does not seem to work. /questions/950024

I tried the link posted above by cor-el. I also tried a hotmail email with pictures in it as Windows uses Silverlight to run slideshows, and Ubuntu used to be ableto do smilar by using Moonlight.

I have not yet tried with Nightly.
Update I have now, Moonlight crashes./questions/950032

John99 மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

I was also using those questions as a test of the new troubleshooting add-on. It did populate the troubleshooting field but when i look at the questions the information is not included.

I guess it must need some other confirmation step that I missed.

John99 மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

Did you try to edit the install.rdf file and bump the maxVersion?

Note that this installs a Silverlight 4.0.51204.0 version, so if that content requires a Silverlight 5 version then it won't work.

Thanks for the reply.

I do not often use silverlight. I was trying to answer the question from ronaldogo more than sort out my own problems. I forced enabled silverlight initially by using addons/prefs, but editing the install.rdf also works.

However once installed it does not seem to work, it either crashes or does nothing. I have not yet come across any demo that it does work with. I did think i had found one, but it transpired it was not actaully using silverlight!

I will head back to thecontributors thread, this troubleshooting add on is not working for me.


Silverlight (Moonlight, in fact) dosen't work at Firefox 18.0.2 on linux ubuntu 12.10.

It is obviously possible to install it on fx 18.0.2 did you manage that ?

What site are you trying to use it on does it work for you ?
As you can see I am not having any luck myself.


I appreciate your dedication about this case. I'd tried reinstall Moonlight many times but it doesn't work. The website which I tried to access is and Both required Silverlight (Moonlight, infact) installed to see the movies. In other FACs / forums, I didn't find nothing which solve this problem . I'm running out of ideas about what can I do to fix this issue.

Sorry out of ideas, all I can suggest is that you try on Linux forums see if any of them have solutions.

it is only necessary to install the plugin: "add on compatibility reporter" and t will let you install it

it is only necessary to install the plugin: "add on compatibility reporter" and t will let you install it (via

Hi leonidelollo,
Thanks for the comment, any help or suggestions welcome.

It is easy enough to install, the problem for me was

  1. getting it to work once installed
    (I suspect it fails on most current sites requiring Silverlight).
    • does it come in newer versions ?
      if so where are those obtained ?
      (personally I am a Ubuntu 64bit user if that makes a difference)
  2. finding suitable simple public test pages
    • I note a comment upthread about versions, so possibly test sites that require the different Silverlight versions, to test with Moonlight
    • I note for instant Moonlight does not run slideshows in Hotmail messages containing attached photos, something that Silverlight will do. (My mother uses that feature) and moonlight used to run those embedded slideshows. That is not good test site as it requires a Hotmail account to be set up.

Trying to follow your link & following a forum thread I got to this,but not sure of how relevant it is

(Initial linked site is italian, and the site offers Google Translate links as language options)

John99 மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

I don't use Linux but I did a google search and found this:

which says, ... Moonlight, an independent open source Linux / Unix version designed by Miguel de Icaza's Mono project. But while Microsoft has merely backed away from Silverlight development, de Icaza now says that Mono is done with Moonlight altogether. "We have abandoned Moonlight," he says in a recent interview.

According to Wikipedia's Moonlight article, In December 2011 Miguel de Icaza announced that work on Moonlight had stopped with no future plans.

If Moonlight development has ended, more and more sites with Silverlight content that requires updated versions will stop working for Linux users.

Moonlight was developed by Novell and Microsoft invest money in that company.I never aspect it would have worked propely,i try to use different web-site that show same streaming without moonlight(even when it works,moonlight gives problem to cpu).Ciao.

Alice thanks for the feedback, & links
I had suspected that to be the case but instead of searching for articles saying it was abandoned I only attempted to look for updates.

I guess the Linux community may as well bid farewell to Silverlight content.

Moonlight claims to be substitue for Silverlight. Microsoft owns Silverlight who also invests in developing Moonlight using Mono for Linux is a way to hide their monopoly state, If not Moonlight should be definitely be working on Linux based OS.

It is clear that Microsoft shows we provide alternative and then if it does not work users need to switch to Windows and yes Moonlight does not work.

Totaly agree with you.Shame on Microsoft!