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Firefox 18 retina support issue

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I have an issue with the new retina support in FF18. I have a setup with a Retina MacBook 13" linked to a desktop monitor, which is my main screen. When I open a new window from the main (non-retina) screen and the window is opened on the MacBook (retina) screen, the font is illegible small and/or the screen turns black.

When I drag a window from my monitor screen to my MacBook screen, it gets properly adjusted.

Besides this, FF look great on Retina!

Pieter மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

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I have issues with FF 18 and Retina too. My setup: Mac Book Pro 15" Retina, OSX 10.8.2. In addition to built in screen (monitor 1) I have connected a 30" screen at 2560x1600 (monitor 2) and a 24" at 1080p (monitor 3). The retina screen is scaled with the second highest resolution possible.

When I launch FF, and it opens up maximized on monitor 3, the content of web site occupies only the upper left 1/4 of the FF window. When I resize the browser it's ok. When I move the window between different monitors, content placement/size is strange, but are fixed after resizing the window on the same monitor.

When I use FF on monitor 3 and e.g. right click links, the menu opens up on monitor 1 (retina display) instead of monitor 3. So I have to move the mouse over to the other monitor to use the popup menu. :) The menu is also scaled down to very small size.

If I try the same on monitor 1 or 2, the popup menu opens up as normal on monitor 1 and the menu has correct size.

I just posted the same problem -- I didn't see it here. Sorry. Mine is doing the exact same thing.

Hey guys. Can you try testing a nightly build of Firefox to see if you still have the same issues? I'm opening some bugs to track these issues, so hopefully we can get to the bottom of it.

We have seen issues before with a multiple monitor setup.

Try to disable hardware acceleration in Firefox.

Regarding multimonitor the issue persists with hw acc turned off.

What is interesting is that the organizing of the screens (in OSX screen prefs) in relation to eachother is playing a part. The issue never occurs on a screen located to the left or below the integrated retina display. I have seen it once on a screen above, but I have trouble reproducing it now. If I have two screens to the right of the retina, it occurs on the screen next to the main screen, but not on the one furthers away.

The physical screens seems to not play any role in which screen that gets the rightclick popup menu bug, only the organizing.

UPDATE: On nightly build 21.0a1 this rightclick popup menu bug does not occur at all. Good job. :)

gunske மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

Regarding the resize/scale issue it has gotten much better since yesterday. Strange, since I have not altered my system, other than switching office and reorganized my monitors.

Now I only sometimes can see short flicker and the 1/4 scale issue only for a brief moment as I drag the window between an external and the retina display. But it is not consistently. It is the same on FF 18 and nightly build 21.0a1.

I turned off hardware acceleration and downloaded the latest beta version -- neither has changed the situation. I am still getting the same problem. I'm attaching a screencap to show what's happening now. Note that when I begin to enter a URL in the browser's address window, it opens up an autocomplete list of previously-entered URLs. That list spans both monitors, believe it or not. The screencap I'm attaching has the left monitor (the laptop itself) and the monitor to the right of it (the Thunderbolt monitor). I'm not attaching a screencap of the far right monitor because it's not doing anything unusual.

mvferguson மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

A little added information, if it helps: when I have Firefox on the right side of the center monitor, the problem does NOT occur. If I move any part of the browser window to the left of the center line of the monitor, though, it immediately begins to put text and such on the laptop monitor.

It took a while before I was able to reproduce the issue again, but now I can, so I can get back to suggestions done above. I regularly switch between monitor configurations; on the office and at home a have an external monitor. On my way from office to home (and vice versa) I just have my laptop. It seems that some monitor plugging and unplugging is needed to have FF open windows on the other monitor. And when that happens, the issue occurs. Or it might only be the at home monitor config, I am not sure.

First, I tried the nightly (21.0a1), but that does not make a difference. I considered taking a screenshot of the window on my retina screen, but that's no use, it's just all black.

Then I tried disabling hardware monitor. That results in a proper resolution, but still not a good layout, see the attached screenshot. It looks like FF takes the physical width while calculating DIV positioning instead of the divided-by-2 width. If I resize the window (green left corner dot) the window resizes to the screen of the external monitor (which does not fit). After resizing again, the window is fine. For reference, this is what the page in the screenshot should look like:

My monitor setup is having the external monitor above the laptop screen. I tried rearranging that, but after that I could not reproduce the issue. Even when going back to the original setup. New windows were opened in the same window (see above).

Can you walk me through setting up a nightly build? I've reversed my screen location in system preferences and that solved the problem, but I don't want to keep it this way, its horribly counter intuitive.


Disabling Hardware acceleration fix does not work on Retina + LCD monitor set-up.

StephenB1204 மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

Setting up a nightly is easy: Just download the dmg from It installs a Firefox with a different name and different icon, so you can use it besides the stable version.

Thanks! I've set it up, and been unable to replicate the problem in the nightly version... I'll keep using it and see what happens. Thank you!!

Firefox update to 18.0.1 will be released shortly, maybe this Friday, and it is hoped it will resolve a retina issue ([Mac] Bug 814434 – [hidpi/retina] url suggestion box pops up on wrong screen )

I had this problem, too, with a 15" rMBP. For me, disabling hardware acceleration with Firefox 18.0 fixed the problem. I downloaded firefox-21.0a1.en-US.mac.dmg, and the problem has apparently been fixed in that build.

I too am having this issue. 15" Mac Book Pro. 27" external Apple Cinema display to the right. Right click results in this problem every time. Haven't tried the nightly build or disabling hardware acceleration since it sounds like no one else has had much luck with that. Just wanted to let the support team know this issue still persists for users. Makes right-clicking to use firebug very tedious. As a website themer I rely on inspecting items with firebug very frequently.

18.0.1 has not resolved this issue.

It DID resolve the issue for me.

It did for me, too, after disabling hardware acceleration.

I downloaded 21 nighlty build and works perfectly. Removed firefox 18 and installed 19 still looks fuzzy

Louwki மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

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