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Newly updated Firefox 3.6.4 keeps crashing when opened

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I have recently updated my Firefox to the 3.6.4 version but every time that I try to open it, it loads but freezes and all I can do is close it. I've uninstalled and reinstalled but this has failed to help.

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Same here. Can barely open a tab or two before it freezes up.

Win 7 64 bit Ultimate here.

seems to crash anytime I open a page that contains flash

Agrees.. seems to crash anytime I open a page that contains flash

For the crash on startup people: Are you able to get Firefox started up in Diagnose Firefox issues using Troubleshoot Mode?

For the crash on Flash people: Please make sure your Flash plugin is up to date:

If you're having issues with 3.6.4 and the Flash plugin, please take a look at Adobe Flash plugin has crashed - Prevent it from happening again and increase the timeout as indicated.

Same problem. Tried all the "solutions" (e.g., reinstalling flash plug-in, increasing timeout, etc.). Does not work.

tried all solutions, firefox only starts to be stable again deletting the cash. but if you go to youtube again, and watch anything, it crashes sometime later... i think its a code bug.

Same issues - when i try and open a tab with any significant flash content (some small ads seem O.K. but anything more lie a video and it's a straight-up firefox crash). Have updated flash to the latest version and had no problems with 3.6.3. I'm getting firefox completely crashing (i get the "firefox has crashed" dialog) a lot due to flash being everywhere.

Adjusting the timeout doesn't do anything - the plugin isn't crashing - it's firefox that crashes. Currently looking to revert to 3.6.3 as this version is unusable (getting a crash a minute when browsing as i keep hitting flash content - flash blocker doesn't seem to be working so the content loads immediately).

Win7 pro 64bit.

I had the same problem. Firefox just kept crashing all the time, probably because there is so much Flash content on the web.

I updated all of my plug-ins, I increased the timeout time, neither solution did anything.

So I downgraded to 3.6.3, and voila! Everything's back to normal. Definitely a problem with the upgrade.

For downgrading purposes:

I just reverted back to 3.6.3 and everything is working great again, definately a problem with 3.6.4 and flash content - odd how the release is meant to help if flash crashes (which it has never done for me until 3.6.4, if it is what is crashing) and has made things much, much worse.

thanks guys where can i download 3.6.3 from?

thanks again hopefully it'll all work now i still have 3.6.3 on another computer and i'm refusing to let it update until they fix 3.6.4 at least i wasn't the only one having the problem

Same problem - I can open in safe mode but can't get it open in normal mode. Will downgrade to 3.6.3

i have the same problem on booth of my home computers. i just uninstalled flash, and firefox works fine! someone should fix this bug quickly since most people will just switch to explorer and stay there forever!

Same Problem, Everytime i go on it either crashes, crashes and gets an error that sends to mozilla, its becoming really frustrating :@

Same problem here on Windows 7x64. Firefox 3.6.4 crashes on any site with significant Flash content. Will probably downgrade soon. A pity, I was looking forward to this release.

EDIT: Setting "dom.ipc.plugins.enabled.npswf32.dll" to false in about:config stops Firefox from crashing. Amusingly, this makes Firefox stop using a separate process for Flash, which was the entire point of 3.6.4.

If you're still having issues with Firefox 3.6.4 and/or the Flash plugin, Firefox 3.6.6 has just been released to address this issue and increase the dom.ipc.plugins.timeoutSecs pref to 45 seconds if it has still the default value. Please see Update Firefox to the latest release if you need help updating.

Do not be fooled! 3.6.6 has the same unusability! The errors are still not fixed, so if you're having issues, stick with 3.6.3 for now.

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