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Firefox 36 command line adjust popup exceptions list?

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I'm stuck with Firefox version 36 with no options to change. I need to be able to send a config file or batch file to multiple users that will update the popups exceptions list with a specific site while leaving popup blocker enabled. I'm also running Windows XP (also stuck to this with no option of upgrade). I've tried using a hostperm.1 file with this line in it: "host popup 1" and this doesn't work. I've also tried adding it to the auto config file with this line: "pref("xpinstall.whitelist.add", "");" but this doesn't work either. Is there a command line that will do this for me? Or another config file that will accomplish this?

Thanks, John

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Support for hostperm.1 has been removed a very long time ago from Firefox and has been replaced by an SQLite database file named permissions.sqlite.

Hi cor-el - thanks for the post! I've read about the permissions.sqlite file but I don't know how to update it? Is it possible just to edit the file and then send to all users? Or some other command line way to update and get a site whitelisted?

You can't edit the file. Only an SQLite database management utility can modify the file and possibly add the exceptions.

The SQLite Manager extension can do this in Firefox.

You can click the Directory button the select a different profile folder or use the current profile folder by default.