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The Site Information panel is where you can view information about a website's connection security and identity, and make choices about any site permissions you have allowed or blocked.

Connection security

A padlock icon Fx70GreyPadlockFx89Padlock in the address bar will indicate whether the connection to the website is fully secure. For more information, click the padlock to open the Site Information panel. The top section of thisThis panel shows you whether the current connection is classified as secure.


Click the right arrow in the Site Information panel to view the Connection Security panel. This is where you can learn more about connection security, such as the issuer of a certificate for a secure connection and – if it is made available – the website's owner, or disable the blocking of insecure content on a site. This panel also includes a More Information button that will open the Page Info window Security tab for the website.

See How do I tell if my connection to a website is secure? to learn more about connection security. The Mixed content blocking in Firefox article tells you about Firefox's content blocking security feature.

Note: If you have set any special permissions for the website, you will also see a Permissions icon Fx87PermissionsIconFx89PermissionsIcon in the address bar. Click this icon to view or adjust those permissions. If you don't see a Permissions icon or to edit other permissions, the Page Info window includes a Permissions tab with a list of available permission settings for the website. To learn more, see the Site Permissions panel article.


The Permissions section of the Site Information panel will display any special permissions you've granted to the website in the past and lets you adjust them on the spot.


To edit any other permission for a site, click the right arrow in the panel and then click the More Information button. This will open the Page Info window, which contains a comprehensive permissions section.

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