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What is the point of being able to choose a default search engine if it keeps reverting to yahoo? In effect Yahoo is the default.

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I keep selecting Google as my preferred default search engine but it keeps reverting to yahoo. In fact I remove yahoo at the same time but it keeps coming back. In reality this makes yahoo the unchangeable search default search engine. There is no real choice. I've used Firefox as my preferred browser for so many years I can't remember and this is a new problem. I will go find another browser if I am forced to accept an search engine that I do not want. This needs sorting. I DON'T WANT YAHOO!! Give me choice.

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Hi   !

Yahoo Search is a legitimate search engine, but it sounds like you've been hijacked by Search.Yahoo.com redirect.

Just to be on the safe side :

Go to the 3-bar menu => Addons => and look for any unfamiliar or suspicious looking extensions, like e.g.:

SafeSearch Incognito SearchAssist Incognito

When you find any :   remove them.

Do the same in Windows' Control Panel => Programs.

However :   most malware will be 'hiding' somewhere , so let's run malware scans :

Further information can be found in this article :

Run most or all of the listed malware scanners.
They all work differently   -   what one program doesn't pick up, the other might.

Also see :