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Firefox Accounts helps you create a strong password when you sign up, so you can protect sensitive information like your bookmarks, login information, and browsing history.

Why choose a strong password?

Firefox Accounts keeps bookmarks and login information to sites you visit, including bank accounts, webmail, social media, work and school accounts.

If an attacker breaks into your Firefox Account, they will be able to access your private information by reading your history, bookmarks, passwords and add-ons you have installed.. An attacker can also install additional add-ons that will Sync to your computer.

What are the criteria for a strong password?

Firefox Accounts makes sure that your password meets the following criteria:

  • It has at least eight characters.
  • The password does not contain any part of your email address.
  • Does not match the description of most common passwords.

Tips for a strong password

Choose a password that is difficult for everyone else to guess but that you can remember. If you reset your password, you may lose all of your Sync data.

  • Do combine letters (capital and small), numbers and symbols.
  • Don’t use personal information (your name, birthdate, address) in your password.
  • Do use a different password for each account.

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