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How can I keep an info box from dissappearing after I move the cursor from the hover position over a map pin on the explore tab on Alltrails.com.

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On one of my favorite website Alltrails.com they have a map of trails. Each of these trails have a blue map pin. When the cursor hovers over the map pin a box with trails information pops. When the mouse is moved to the box the info box disappears. Is there a setting in Firefox that I can change to keep this info box from disappearing? i.e about.config. Then I can right click on the info box and select the open in a new window.

Because the map pin isn't a "Link" the "Open links in tabs instead of new windows" or "when you open a link in a new tab, switch to in immediately" doesn't work

While this is behavior is the same as in the Edge browser it different in the Chrome browser. In the Chrome browser moving the cursor from the blue map pin to the info box the box stays open. I want my favorite browser to behave the same way.

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Hi breckt, I don't know why Chrome behaves differently than Firefox and Edge. Perhaps there is a setting related to when the "mouseout" event occurs (since moving the mouse off the pin destroys the overlay), but unfortunately nothing comes to mind.

Would you be interested in filing a report here: https://webcompat.com/

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Sometimes there is a small gap between the pin and the overlay and you need to move the mouse really fast in the pop-up to prevent this pop-up from closing. I've seen this with CSS drop-down menus that aren't connected and close before I can have the mouse in the drop-down menu.

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Thank you for the advice. I tried moving the mouse as quickly as I could and still couldn't get it to work I wish.

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Thank you very much for responsing