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Options>Privacy>Cookies no longer showing Cookies to Delete. Always has before. Why are Cookies not being shown?

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I used to be able to find and delete Cookies in my Options/Privacy/Cookies window. Cookies no longer appear in my Options/Privacy/Cookies window. Why don't Cookies appear in my Options/Privacy/Cookies window any longer?

I used to be able to find and delete Cookies in my Options/Privacy/Cookies window. Cookies no longer appear in my Options/Privacy/Cookies window. Why don't Cookies appear in my Options/Privacy/Cookies window any longer?

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Are you seeing this in normal browsing mode or in private browsing mode? It seems that cookies placed in private browsing mode are now invisible, based on the discussion in this thread: Just recently I've noticed that cookies from websites other than Google (e.g yahoo, etc) are not showing up in my privacy settings anymore. I was wondering why?.

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After an upgrade to Firefox 23 on both my computers, began being utterly confused about being unable to locate the cookies panel. I remembered hearing something about Firefox's plan to eventually eliminate cookies, so I checked Firefox's forum seeing others with the same problem. I've tried the suggestions offered, first changing the name and another attempt deleting the cookies,sprite files re-starting Firefox.

ALL MY FIREFOX PROBLEMS, I'D SAY CLOSE TO 100% OF ALL, ANY ISSUES I'VE BEEN FORCED TO ENDURE ARE THE RESULT OF FIREFOX's UNETHICAL POLICY OF FORCED UPDATES. I have been very happy with FF 22 but despite everything I've done to prevent it from happening Firefox will persist.

So now, I'm going tot delete every last remnant of Mozilla Firefox 23 on both computers with fundamentally flawed cookies management, among other grievances and entrenched issues that will never be resolved and then downgrade to Firefox 22 setting it up like an entrenched fortress, with every imaginable process I can muster, any addons, extensions ,grease monkey scripts, changes to all every pertinent about:config that which keeps Firefox from making their egregious infiltration in entering what is my private domain and making changes, configurations I've worked so hard to make and yet in one update is destroyed. start from total scratch.

Firefox claims to be the most customizable browser is in some ways a misnomer because you continuously force users to new, untried products, to which we all have have an utter aversion to. I'm going back to FF22.

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Hi mediamayven, the built-in cookie-related dialogs are available here:

  • Privacy tab of the Options/Preferences dialog: change the drop-down to "Use custom settings for history" if the cookie options are not displayed
  • Page Info dialog > Security tab for viewing/removing site-specific cookies, and Page Info dialog > Permissions tab for site-specific cookie permissions
  • The about:permissions page

If you were using a different panel, it may have been a feature added by an extension. You can check for extension updates here:

orange Firefox button (or Tools menu) > Add-ons > "gear" button

If updates are not available, some extensions may be disabled. They would appear grayed out at the end of the list:

orange Firefox button (or Tools menu) > Add-ons > Extensions category

Sometimes an update is available from an extension's "Versions" page while it is pending review, or from the author's site, if it's still in testing and not yet submitted to the Add-ons site.

For extensions installed as part of other software or from a non-Mozilla site, please check with the publisher on the status. If you need assistance researching extension breakage, please mention which one it is.

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Hi mediamayven, by the way, it would be impossible for Firefox to eliminate cookies. However, Mozilla is working on a project regarding third party cookies. More info:

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Jscher2000 Well, I am most indebted to you for providing the simple solution to what seemed extraordinarily difficult to resolve. I tried all the solutions provided, changing the sprite file names, then eventually deleting them, tried putting FF in safe mode all to no avail.

Then having seen your reply, reading it in mocking fashion not having the slightest confidence to get the cookie panel to appear. I really should have known better as I have been using Firefox exclusively since 2005. I was about to do a total re-do from scratch, deleting FF 23 downgrading to F 22. I didn't mind the hours of work it would entail to re-do both browsers as I am stickler for perfection.

So once again allow me to express my utmost gratitude and appreciation for providing the solution I've been searching for. A job very well done. You know your stuff, young man.

All My Very Best To You mediamayven

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Cor-el:Thank you for your efforts in providing a wealth of information on cookies other relevant content I will be sure to check out, Thanks again very much.

I was wondering if you were a Superman fan as Superman's family name is El. Superman's Kryptonian name is Kal-El while his father's name was Jor-El.

Thanks again for your indispensable help.

All My Very Best mediamayven

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