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YOU sent email to [redacted] because the email address is associated with Firefox A\C BUT whenever I UNSUBSRIBE you say my email isn't in your system?

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Dear Mozilla Users Community,

I am becoming extremely angry and irritated by your or FIREFOX's total inconsistency, which I will describe, as follows:

FIRSTLY, you send a message to [redacted by moderator] because the email address is associated with Firefox A\C .... ..... BUT, BUT, BUT ...... Every time I try to UNSUBSCRIBE from all your voluminous e-mails to me ............ .................. You say, and I've copied and pasted this from your UNSUBSCRIBE portal .... .............................. I get this reply from you ....... ..................................... VIZ. "This email address is not in our system. Please double check your address."

FIREFOX, please get your act together --- How can you tell me, FIRSTLY, that you've sent a message to my [redacted by moderator] because the email address is associated with Firefox A\C ....... .............. BUT then, every time I UNSUBSCRIBE --- You tell me that exactly the same email .... [redacted by moderator] .... ............................. Is not in our system. Please double check your address???????

Come on, guys --- this is highly unprofessional -- Your left hand does not know what your right hand is doing!!


Guys, I'm not impressed ---- NOT ONE BIT.
With these 2 unsatisfactory and CUSTOMER UNFRIENDLY EVENTS & REALITIES ---
My rating of FIREFOX \ MOZILLA --- Has gone from 10/10 --- DOWN TO 3/10!!

Thank you, and I hope you will pay serious attention --- to my 2 very serious complaints.

Regards, David Blaikie Thunder Bay, Canada

[Personal information removed by moderator. Please read Mozilla Support rules and guidelines, thanks.]

Upravil(a) Chris Ilias dňa

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Hi from West Coast CA. Suggest you remove/edit your email address before bots or spammers find it in this open forum.

Upravil(a) Shadow110 dňa

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Hi, you edited your name maybe, need to edit your question please to remove email address from spammers or bots.

You also made a duplicate question. Please only respond here. Thanks.

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I called an administrator. Please wait

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SORRY, BUT YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY WRONG .... .... I absolutely DID NOT EDIT or change my name, my e-mail address ...... EVER, EVER, EVER -- I am a writer, and hardly ever make any mistakes, particularly when entering E-MAIL ADDRESSES OR PASSWORDS!! -------

You had exactly the same e-mail address in BOTH TOTALLY CONTRADICTORY SITUATIONS -- I described ---
Your first e-mail telling me my e-mail address is associated with this account ---
And your second / 2nd, on your UNSUBSCRIBE portal --- Telling me my SAME, IDENTICAL e-mail address IS NOT IN YOUR SYSTEM???!

Please DO NOT INSULT MY INTELLIGENCE again, by challenging or questioning the accuracy and authenticity of my complaint ---

My estimation of FIREFOX is getting worse, the more you "quibble" with me ---

I made a DUPLICATE QUESTION -- only because when I tried to "REGISTER" my question -- YOUR SYSTEM REPEATEDLY refused my CORRECT PASSWORD that I had only just made, and I tried RE-ENTERING it about 10 times --- Then I "lost" my place on your forum page --- AND COULD NOT GET BACK TO MY 1ST, ORIGINAL POST ---

So, this is why I had to go back and go through the whole process again ---------------- But fortunately, I had copied my question into a WORD file, so I was able to COPY & PASTE it -- A 2nd, DUPLICATE COPY --
And, once again -- THIS 2nd, DUPLICATE POSTING was only because your SYSTEM incorrectly BLOCKED and PREVENTED me from entering my post or question --- the first time; even after I re-entered my correct passwords --- 10 TIMES IN A ROW.

Thank you, David

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Hello, I asked that you edit your name and email address out if your question here. As you will get spammers and bots collecting your very visual address in a public forum for all to see.

Just edit your email address out of the question. Please.

This has been referred to a supervisor as it will take there action not ours to resolve this so your address becomes redundant as will prob have a private talk.

Seems I can not get a Moderator to edit it out for you as have asked 2 x's for them to edit

Upravil(a) Shadow110 dňa

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Note that there is usually a link at the bottom of an email that you can click to unsubscribe from receiving further messages. It sounds though that you go to a Mozilla website that isn't related to the email you are referring to. For some security or policy emails related to Sync (Firefox account) you may not be able to unsubscribe because these are important.

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Firstly, thank you very much, MODERATOR --- For removing my name, personal info and e-mail address from my post. I appreciate this. (Sorry, I was too tired last night to do this myself, last night --- having spent 3 tiring, frustrating hours on this --- It was 3:00 am in the morning by the time I turned off my PC.)

Secondly, to answer the post immediately above ..... ..... NO NO NO NO NO!!! I most definitely not go to a Mozilla website that isn't related to the e-mail I'm referring to .... (YOU SEEM TO BE SUGGESTING I WENT TO SOME "random" Mozilla Website: WHY WOULD I DO THAT????}

Once again .......... I SIMPLY 'UNSUBSRIBED' --- from YOUR receiving more

Firefox's e-mails ---- 

And by 'UNSUBSRIBING' I was INSTANTLY taken to your 'UNSUBSCRIBE' portal on YOUR website -- DIRECTLY FROM YOUR E-MAIL ................... And this, your 'UNSUBSCRIBE' page | portal | webpage on YOUR WEBSITE ---- is where the problem is ---
THIS IS WHERE, I REPEAT, I REPEAT --- AND I'M TELLING YOU THIS NOW FOR THE 3RD TIME --- I REPEATEDLY GOT THIS RIDICULOUS RESPONSE ---- VIZ: "This email address is not in our system. Please double check your address."
Totally CONTRADICTS WHAT YOUR E-MAIL HAS JUST TOLD ME .... Viz. "That my e-mail account is associated with this account" -------- BUT YOUR WEBSITE SAYS "This email address is not in our system. Please double check your address."

I thought that maybe this is because I had just "UNSUBSCRIBED" --- but the little box, in your "UNSUBSCRIBE" webpage specifically asks for my E-MAIL ADDRESS, and I only have one active e-mail address ----

BUT THEN, VERY IRRITATINGLY and FRUSTRATINGLY, your WEBSITE TELLS ME: "This email address is not in our system. Please double check your address" ................... ????

(And if is the case, you need to CORRECT your UNSUBSCRIBE PORTAL on your website.)

And still, now with my 3rd detailed explanation of the problem, I hope someone at Mozilla | Firefox can try to get to the bottom of this INEXPLICABLE, UNACCEPTABLE CONTRADICTION --- MOZILLA FIREFOX'S VERY CLEAR CONTRADICTION OF THE INFORMATION IT HAS ON ME, MY ACCOUNT AND MY E-MAIL ADDRESS ----
A CONTRADICTION, from the "UNSUBSCRIBE" option on your e-mail to me .....

.................. To the "UNSUBSCRIBE" webpage, which your e-mail instantly directs me to.

SORRY, but I cannot explain the situation any more clearly than this ---

And I think all 3 of my explanations have been very clear and very easy to understand!

Kind regards & many thanks, David

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Hi, still working on it. Have reported it to a Supervisor myself, so know it is in the works for someone to look at and help you out. Please be patient, it will get done. No reply needed unless do not get a response by Tuesday. Is Friday today and some Supervisors are already off for the weekend.


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Hi there,

I am sorry for the frustration, I can understand that now all of the email sent out from Mozilla are managed by the Firefox Account. We are working on that, I really am truly sorry for the frustration.

I am also in the process of working on cleaning up some of the offered support. Do know that all technical support for Mozilla products is done in this forum or on the @firefox twitter account. Anywhere else will be a wild goose chase.

I can change your username to one that follows the guidelines and may make it easier for you to login. I might imagine ----- might be difficult to login.

Lastly, can you please privately message your email address to me to that I can open a private bug for investigation around the different departments at Mozilla. I will also need you to forward the email message you received after unsubscribing so I can investigate what happened, if you don't mind.

I will PM you where you can send it.


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We connected and I reached out to the Participation team to look into this in the Mozilla newsletter list.

Thank you!