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The new search behaviour in v23

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When I searched in the awesome bar in v22 it searched Google by default, but now it searches the selected engine from the search box. I want the awesome bar to search Google, and the search to be selected something else. I already use keywords.

I use the selected engine to mark text on a page, right click and select search from that menu. I never use Google for that, so I want that to listen to the selected engine, and the awsome bar to use Google.

How do I change that back?

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A new extensions has been created to enable that. You can check it out here: Keyword Search.

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Thank you jscher2000 for that extension tip. It made search work as I expect, but I would prefer a built in choice in Options or about:config.

Extensions use RAM and CPU power, and settings don't... And the extensions could do more than they tell you :)

If somebody have a about:config preference that would be great. If not I'll keep the extension.

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keyword.URL was removed for Firefox 23, along with the internal code that supported that preference. An extension is needed to restore the internal code behind that preference.