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Dear Sirs, can you, please, tell me, how to install the certificate issued to me by bank, so as to use the site of the bank for transactions with Mozzila on my Galaxy S III ?

Thank you !

Kind regards,

dr Petko Valov

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Would you provide a URL to your banks directions about adding the certificate?

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sorry, the answer is in Bulgarian...the english version does not offer such info !

Hope it will be useful !

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I don't need to be able to read the page. Just wanted to see how they provided access to their certificates.

On Firefox beta from the Play Store you should be able to click on the TYK links to install the certificates. You will need to check the Trust to identify websites box then press OK.

The install certificates UI is part of Firefox 21. This will be included on the release version of Firefox on Wednesday May 15.

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