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firefox starts to play videos and songs instead og downloading them.

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i use firefox for samsung galaxy s3 and instead of downloading videos it starts to play them which is very anoyin and disturbing when i want to download them. please help me with this.

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Thanks for reaching out.

Could you please share an example of a video that plays when you do not want it to? Please be specific in describing where I can find it, so that I can be sure I am looking at the right one.

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on each n every song n video link it starts to play instaed of downloading. so u cn take it as a problem for every song n video link...not just from a specific source or website...

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I'm not sure I understand. Could you please visit this page and answer the following questions?

  1. What happens?
  2. What should happen instead?
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Yeah basically what's happening is in recent builds of Firefox, we've added support for native hardware and software decoding of HTML5 H.264 video which grant one the ability to playback this content (typically H.264/AAC/MP3/MP4) in-browser. Prior to that, Firefox would have downloaded the file and handed off playback to an associative application such as the Android media-player.

Bug 791654 was filed that requests the ability to download a file target rather than play it for supported video/audio Content-Types.

I would suggest adding your vote into the bug by tapping on the vote link next to 'Importance' and we'll hopefully see a patch written for future release.

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Since I don't see it here already, this bug is fixed in version 21 (currently the beta version) which you can get by searching for Firefox Beta in the play store. Long pressing media files lets you download them.

These are the kind of things that scare me away from updating apps! I lost my ability to download podcasts! Thankfully FIrefox Beta came to the rescue! Thanks for responding to our request dev team!

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Getting the same behaviour on the desktop Firefox browser, v21.0. I can't change the default behaviour anymore either because, hey, the option isnt there any more (see attached). Although it's not listing mp3 as a type, and i can't add it in manually, I'm going on the assumption that the podcast format would be the best fit but even there i can't set "save as" as the behaviour.

Not end of the world of course, just considerably annoying as the previous behaviour was expected and desired.